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  • Dipanshu Bhati
    Dipanshu Bhati

    Autocar has the best cameraman and cinematic shots .... quality levels are also good

  • saeesh25

    Only if the AMG variants were priced decently like Europe. 🥲

  • Y.B.A

    Is that 1.3 petrol engine from Daimler, Nissan and Renault?? I believe the same is used in both kicks and duster but with slightly lower power output

  • Jayakumar 17pbeme036
    Jayakumar 17pbeme036

    1) It doesn't matter if ur having 100 or 50 percentage women . U have pay them like men . 2) if mg is increasing it's production it must increase its work force otherwise same saga will continue

  • Amar G
    Amar G

    New version with 1.5litre engine is much better. Bring it to india

  • kapil jadhav
    kapil jadhav

    Thank you for genuine and ruthless review ... This should teach them a lesson... That selling a product to a customer around 1 lakh price point with inferior quality...

  • Khắc cảnh lê
    Khắc cảnh lê

    When Enfield comes out with a larger framed Meteor with a 650, I will buy it with cash - Instantly!!

  • Juan camilo Colmenares
    Juan camilo Colmenares

    Who much it cost in dollars?

  • kosti narain
    kosti narain

    Waiting for the petrol review

  • User 69
    User 69

    Bit pricey for a small size sedan

  • suraj patil
    suraj patil

    Is royal enfield working on himalayan 650.....please reply....i m planning to buy it in next month.....if they release himalayan 650 next year then, for now I will go for meteor 350......please please please reply

  • Dick Butkus
    Dick Butkus

    If one thing it isn’t is…cute 🤮

  • Shiv Vashishtha Bhargava
    Shiv Vashishtha Bhargava

    150 PS for a Petrol Mercedes does feel a little underpowered? Kind of like the petrol Honda Civic. The A200D seems nice and complete! Lovely interior. Superb ride quality and Mercedes Benz India offers superb after sales service! Kudos Mercedes. The A35 AMG seems like a riot but the BMW M2 is just something else...... <3

  • Da Legendary
    Da Legendary

    Reminds me of the good old top gear special(jeremy,hammond,james)...keep up the good work 👍

  • Mahadesh

    1. Mahindra XUV300 - 8:04 2. Tata Altroz - 7:22 3. Tata Nexon - 6:26 4. Honda Amaze - 5:43 5. Mahindra Marazzo - 5:05 6. Volkswagen Polo - 4:28 7. Tata Tiago/Tigar - 3:49 8. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza - 3:09 9. Hyundai i20 - 2:15 10. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga - 1:36

  • Sunil Chowdary
    Sunil Chowdary

    It is imported

  • Netflix Group
    Netflix Group

    Finally a person who speaks sense and doesn’t endorse brands.. 100 % Knowledge and 0 % nonsense

  • partha manjanbail
    partha manjanbail

    Still I'd prefer Harrier/Jeep. MG even, way cheaper for the similar features

  • Yo riding Rs.
    Yo riding Rs.

    What about build quality

  • Yo riding Rs.
    Yo riding Rs.

    I have safari 2015 and it is better than Scorpio in everything

  • Salesforce Dutta
    Salesforce Dutta

    Tata has spoilt the taste of Safari. Old design was much appropriated and practical. Somethings mustn't be touched. 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Chintan Oza
    Chintan Oza

    Apache 2004 V 3 modes more better then xtram 200s

  • Noorani Khan
    Noorani Khan

    Excellent review! Thanks a lot

  • Abhijit Marfatia
    Abhijit Marfatia

    Fantastic car atleast much better that Bmw 2 series and much luxurious and practical car

  • The Thriller
    The Thriller

    Love that interior 👌 fabulous👏


    Any updates on the harrier petrol launch date ..?

  • Zuby the Rider
    Zuby the Rider

    Z900 Japanese is just wow ❤️😍😍😍😍

  • Rishabh SHARMA
    Rishabh SHARMA

    Competition killer and segment leader undoubtedly.

  • Priyank Joshi
    Priyank Joshi

    @autocar How many hotformed high strength steel is used in MG cars?


    A class Hatchback was more beautiful

  • Voin Saini
    Voin Saini

    Altroz xz I turbo or kiger booking soon ? Any suggestions

  • Raj Sethia
    Raj Sethia

    This car will be a game changer 👍🏻👍🏻🔥🔥

  • Gautham Sakthi
    Gautham Sakthi

    when did A class became a limousine.

  • Nuwan Samarasinghe
    Nuwan Samarasinghe

    Shame there is no manual gear box on this Luxury Limousine. :(

  • Jawahar-red Nehru
    Jawahar-red Nehru

    Can we retro fit alloy wheels on this???

  • Sagar Jadhav
    Sagar Jadhav

    is it rebranding ?

  • Revolution Graphics
    Revolution Graphics

    Excellent presentation 👍


    Agar aapko lena ho toh aap kon loge petrol ya diesel ?? For advice!!

  • Rajanikant Chowdary
    Rajanikant Chowdary

    Design disaster! Big letdown

  • Siddharth Chatterjee
    Siddharth Chatterjee

    Lamborghini urus: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary

  • S Rawat
    S Rawat

    Any one can tell what is the background music after 15:20

  • James Log
    James Log



    Felt happy n love by seeing hometown name (BELAGAVI) in Mercedes's screen. Love from karnataka, autocar.

  • Utham M S
    Utham M S

    Gavin’s driving the diesel in Majorda.

  • Prateek Sharma
    Prateek Sharma

    The same engine is being used by Nissan kicks as well as renault duster

  • Sourav Choudhary
    Sourav Choudhary

    The milage in 200d is 21kmpl wow it's nice👍👍

  • Vipul Khedekar
    Vipul Khedekar

    Hope its under 50 lakh ..

  • blahh blahh
    blahh blahh

    The car is really nice from the exterior look. But not so cool in the interior

  • Nithish Pillai
    Nithish Pillai

    I really wanted to see it in the Denim Blue colour version !

  • Devang Kamdar
    Devang Kamdar

    Merc just cannibalised the C-Class! C-Class just does not make any sense now!

  • Arul Ramadosss
    Arul Ramadosss

    Do any one knows the on-road price of these models

  • rushikesh bhange
    rushikesh bhange

    Make a video on BMW 5 Series vs BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

  • Karan_Madhura

    A 35 amg review!?!

  • Bimal Rajappan
    Bimal Rajappan

    Those air vents looks out of place with the minimalistic design language.

  • Sai Prasanth Linga Reddy
    Sai Prasanth Linga Reddy

    If I had the cash will go for the yellow 35 AMG

  • Sai Prasanth Linga Reddy
    Sai Prasanth Linga Reddy

    It's always a pleasure to see mercedes

  • fluffy

    Tesla March better it have autopilot

  • A҉p҉p҉u҉

    You guys need to show the saic motors factory to Indians to change there perception it’s whole another level more than what you even imagine they even manufacture cars for audi porshe volkswagen , general motors , buick , skoda , maxus etc

  • Shailov Chauhan
    Shailov Chauhan

    Recommend for Hills ? PS : Shimla

  • Nature Self
    Nature Self

    Make in india car good not assembly

  • honeydudeify

    I wonder if you anyhow manage to keep the luggage above the car with a sunroof can it fall on your head if you open the sunroof?

  • Akash Rana
    Akash Rana

    Without a doubt its a well built car, but one pays for the badge and not for what they get. Sensible choices would be from the house of Skoda and VW, as they will offer much more for much less money.

  • Rajat Patel
    Rajat Patel

    Every car lovers dream to go through these routes in these luxiours dream cars. Half life lived😍

  • Avinash Reddy
    Avinash Reddy

    Great camera work!! hands down

  • SumiT Choudhary
    SumiT Choudhary

    Good to see you रेणुका my favorite😊


    Fine Presentation, Thanks. What's the Ground Clearance for A 200 d.

  • Angshuman B.
    Angshuman B.

    Was Waiting 4 a long time... hope to see the AMG A 35

  • Ruturaj Revankar
    Ruturaj Revankar

    But CLA ❤️🔥

  • Himanshu Balyan
    Himanshu Balyan

    No A45 AMG for India ?

  • Mukund Kedia
    Mukund Kedia

    Need the A35 AMG review... Autocar make it happen!

  • Nap

    Why is it called a limousine??

  • sunil k
    sunil k

    It is high time that German car makers(Audi,BMW,merc) wakes up.. 100% localisation is key to success in next 2 years or else these premium brands will be swamped off..

  • Joyel Binoy
    Joyel Binoy

    Plugin hybrid version!? Whether it will be available in india soon

  • Sukant Chakraborty
    Sukant Chakraborty

    same size as a Honda City

  • karthik nunna
    karthik nunna

    Superb has a much powerful petrol Engine and less price too

  • Prathamesh Rivonkar
    Prathamesh Rivonkar

    Hope it comes with the AMG Line package... because that totally changes the look of this car..


    Finally GAVIN is back Gud bhai

  • Ashtosh Thakur
    Ashtosh Thakur

    Diesel with 8-speed DCT, wow !!

  • Prateek Ojha
    Prateek Ojha

    Is it even road legal ?