2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan review - Subtle tweaks make a difference | First Ride | Autocar India
The Royal Enfield Himalayan gets Tripper Navigation among other updates for 2021. Rishaad Mody gives you a round-up of all that's changed.
Video shot on Sony Alpha 7 III.
#RoyalEnfield #SonyAlphaIn #SonyIndia
0:00 - Introduction
0:43 - Royal Enfield Himalayan 2021 colours
1:14 - Royal Enfield Himalayan 2021 Tripper Navigation
1:32 - Royal Enfield Himalayan 2021 updates
2:35 - Royal Enfield Himalayan 2021 performance
3:57 - Royal Enfield Himalayan 2021 ride and handling
4:42 - Royal Enfield Himalayan 2021 price and verdict
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  • George Vurgese
    George Vurgese

    The Royal Enfield is proving its mettle. Globally among the top 3 Adv motorcycles under the 10,000 dollar priceband, it rides alongside the likes Yamaha Tenere 700, Suzuki V Storm 650, SVM 500 etc. It is very interesting to note that Kawasaki has resurructed the KLR 650, in a Fi version in a direct pitch against the Himalayan. This motorcycles is ver y close in terms of physical dimension. The major difference is the engine. Nearly the same block, but the Kawasaki uses 100 x 83 (mm) bore and stroke with a compression ration of 9.8:1, giving it 652cc displacement. Whereas the Himalayan uses 78x 86 mm bore and stroke with 9.5:1 compression with 411cc displacement. I own a Himalayan, which I am very happy with. An upgrage would be fantastic. There is a a huge gap between 300cc and 650cc to be filled. I am sure the RE think tank is defnitely looking at this empty space. With a small increase in the engine displacement , via bore x stroke, similair to the KLR 650, another version of the bike alongside the 411CC could be a winner Ofcourse one would still like to have accessories like a USB charging point, a DC power outlet etc etc. The tripper on the new bikes are fantastic..

  • sunny verghese
    sunny verghese

    Medimix green ....

  • milind soni
    milind soni

    I ve booked bs6 granite black, but still I feel it lacks the power,the grunt to rave on. Ktm 250 adv feels lot more powerful, check the engine specs. So I guess I am gonna wait for some more time. Is RE lagging behind in their R & D department in comparison with others,,?

  • Auto Addicts
    Auto Addicts

    Onroad 2.55 Lakhs. Doesn't justify .

  • Neesay Y
    Neesay Y

    Rishad - the "boy with bike"! 😉

  • Piyush Mehra
    Piyush Mehra

    I faced puncture in a new Himalayan.. they should use tubeless because it will run in all terrain.

  • Anokh Joshi
    Anokh Joshi

    When is the hunter coming?

  • Corps Revival
    Corps Revival

    Himalayan has the best low end torque in it's segment

  • Bangaruchiran Chiranth
    Bangaruchiran Chiranth

    My lv himalayan 😊😍😍

  • Mr Lost
    Mr Lost

    Old Himalayan looks far better... Now I have no interest in this update bcz of that Jerry can holder design 💔


    I wish re makes a Himalayan 650🥺

  • Great Life
    Great Life

    this boy is the best reviewer ..

  • Arihant Vibhute
    Arihant Vibhute

    I like this small capacity Himalayan. I'm 22 and it's finest beginners bike.

  • Dive Explore
    Dive Explore

    I like this bike but for me to buy one it needs to have more power. Just not enough as it is for UK roads.

  • Dinesh Chand
    Dinesh Chand

    Would like to know the reviews about mountain trips and comparability of new Himalayan

  • AmiJurgl

    Sorry, 24 hp just isn't enough for American riders.

  • Leela Prasad
    Leela Prasad

    For cars its Gavin, for bikes Rishad. Pleasure to hear you both

  • Hisham 47
    Hisham 47

    Please reply your height???

  • Leo Frank
    Leo Frank

    RE just spoiled a piece of Art 👎

  • veeraraghavan n
    veeraraghavan n

    Expected more power, good brakes but honestly few changes which looks aftermarket additions...10k price hike is not justified here.


    or buy the old model for potentially more than 10k less. spend 7k on a phone with a good screen and hard mount it for navigation via google maps or something. it'll be bigger, brighter, and more useful than that tripper display. if you wanted, it could be your dash cam too

  • Dante Dias
    Dante Dias

    If they launch a 650 at the same price as the Continental , they will absolutely destroy the competition

  • Raveso S
    Raveso S

    GS310 vs New Himalayan please.

  • Soumen Das
    Soumen Das

    199kgs. Damn, this bike surely needs to shed some fat🙄

  • Rahul Bhowal
    Rahul Bhowal

    It needed the USB charger like the one provided in Meteor. Am not sure why RE gave this necessary accessory a miss, knowing that this ride is meant for touring 😔

  • Rayan Das
    Rayan Das

    I don't know why RE don't offer a top box

  • Vidhi Srivastav
    Vidhi Srivastav

    Royal Enfield is very unreliable.

  • Kamal Choudhury
    Kamal Choudhury

    Could they not give a single new display integrating everything rather than giving 3 circular things as clusters..... it looks weird

  • Mohammed Shahid Nawaz
    Mohammed Shahid Nawaz

    Only suggestion to RE is to reduce the height of head light and also explore options of square shaped headlight with USD forks (inspiration: Bulleteer Customs "Wilder")

  • Pranjal Gogoi
    Pranjal Gogoi

    i lost interest when you said 'mechanically same'

  • Chirantan Deb
    Chirantan Deb

    Rishaad Mody is the gem of Autocar.

  • Sankalp Jhunjhunwala
    Sankalp Jhunjhunwala

    Incredible machine Best in class Super affordable

  • Hugo Martínez
    Hugo Martínez

    why didn't they use the new engine of the meteor and the GT 650

  • Hip Hop Ijaz
    Hip Hop Ijaz

    Nice bike

  • It's all about SJ
    It's all about SJ

    Himalayan, you don't need any type of changes. You are just outstanding. 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rishitesh Barman
    Rishitesh Barman

    Yes, we indians really like overloading 😂.

  • Thrishul Ramadugu
    Thrishul Ramadugu

    So precise and crisp in delivering the details...keep going Autocar👌

  • shambu.c THE CASTRO
    shambu.c THE CASTRO

    Hai team, can you please review new prana from svm motors.

  • Pranesh Karthik
    Pranesh Karthik

    Round colour display?🙄

  • piyush joshi
    piyush joshi

    can you review latest pulsar 180f and 220f !!?

  • Ashwin T.
    Ashwin T.

    Rishaad is always so crisp and clear, leaves no stone unturned.

  • nikhil gaonkar
    nikhil gaonkar

    Can you do weight test on rare top box thing, overloading it!!

  • Pradeep Dorai
    Pradeep Dorai

    It's more of adventure touring motorcycle where it helps you to go over bad stretches with ease. Perfect machine for mile munching.

  • Dr. Bhargav
    Dr. Bhargav

    Give a review on Kawasaki Vulcan S 2021

  • mithun deshmuk
    mithun deshmuk

    Waiting for Benelli trk 502 review

  • D Gupta
    D Gupta

    Autocar says Himalayan is about longer distances. Then why not a 6th gear, RE? It will improve both fuel efficiency and cruising speed on the highway.

  • Kushal Dutta
    Kushal Dutta

    Okay so they had a chance to make the brakes a little better; we could give that a pass. Did they solve the coneset issue tho? Or did they forget?

  • Ashwik Reddy
    Ashwik Reddy

    We need a comparison of all 160 cc motorcycles

  • jack4372

    Aesthetic on the instrument panel ugly... was expecting a bump in power... disappointed again

  • Ad Socrates
    Ad Socrates

    That spoke wheel and tubed tyres --- Enough to avoid himalayan

  • Joyel Binoy
    Joyel Binoy

    Is there any chargeing point ?? For smartphones

  • Pranav Koduri
    Pranav Koduri

    Looks like impulse from front

  • Mark Ward
    Mark Ward

    Thanks for the vid; what is your height?

  • RB15

    Hope present windshield compatible with older himalayans. If it does than definitely gonna switch to the new one cuz I don't like that aftermarket extender thing!

  • Soupatra Sarkar
    Soupatra Sarkar



    Can we Install The Meteor Navigation display on bs4 model

  • Sashi majhi
    Sashi majhi

    RE himalayan comes with a great design..they shd try some different shades

  • prethul kichu
    prethul kichu

    when is the himalayan 650 coming

  • Sajeevkumar

    Cool review, cool machine 👍🏼

  • Two Wheeled Paradox
    Two Wheeled Paradox

    Concise and info-packed.

  • Vikas Mulay
    Vikas Mulay

    Without tipper and colors, Is anything new on this bike???

  • johnny Bgood
    johnny Bgood

    Practically speaking the Tripper is a great addition but it looks so much better on the Meteor than it does on the Himalayan where it just looks like an afterthought to me.

  • Shubham Mishra
    Shubham Mishra

    Calling it Watermelon Green is more suitable than Camo Green.

  • Rishikesh Reddy
    Rishikesh Reddy

    How does this compete with dominor 400 as a long tourer?

  • Pratik C
    Pratik C

    No nonsense and pragmatic review as always.. Autocar journalists are all gems.

  • suraj patil
    suraj patil

    Can you please reply with himalayan 650cc .....is it in their list this year or next year?

  • ദശമൂലം ദാമു
    ദശമൂലം ദാമു

    A big thumbs up from Kerala...!!🔥❤️

  • sumit


  • Sanandan Kinkar
    Sanandan Kinkar

    I'm still going to wait for the bigger Himalayan, fingers crossed 🤞

  • RMB Entertainment
    RMB Entertainment

    Excellent review

  • Fedrick Nicolas
    Fedrick Nicolas

    still missing those alloy wheels.. especially required when you're offroading.

  • Tamer Mohamed
    Tamer Mohamed

    Well done

  • geeta krishna sai
    geeta krishna sai

    What about chases durability

  • sathish Pandian
    sathish Pandian

    RE price your bikes reasonably. Greed leads to ultimate destruction. Don't behave like "Apple" of the motorbike industry.

  • Akshay Raj
    Akshay Raj

    Is it reliable now ???

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    Anyone know which helmet is that? Need to replace my helmet and looking for one, it'll probably be out budget, but worth a look 😅

  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar

    Well presented as usual...👍

  • Tinku Naveen
    Tinku Naveen

    Hello bro 👋

  • Lova Raju
    Lova Raju


  • arun patil
    arun patil


  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    I just finished reading this on their website, and now the notification popped up

  • Arjuna kumar
    Arjuna kumar

    Royal Enfield 🤩

  • Jaleel


  • Ashish Gohad
    Ashish Gohad

    I am first

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