Citroen's India entry, developing dealer network & more- Roland Bouchara | Interview | Autocar India
In conversation with Renuka Kirpalani, Roland Bouchara, Senior VP (Sales & Marketing), Citroen India talks of entering the market in a challenging environment, Citroen's focus on comfort, the carmaker's C Cubed Programme and more.
Video shot on Sony Alpha 7 III.
#CitroenIndia #SonyAlphaIn #SonyIndia
0:00 - Introduction
0:43 - Citroen's entry into India
1:36 - Entering with flagship model
2:53 - Launching with a diesel
4:29 - Developing dealer network
6:14 - Digitalisation of sales
8:00 - Being a new brand in India
9:50 - Citroen's positioning strategy
11:37 - Comfort in Citroen's DNA
#Citroen #SonyAlphaIn #SonyIndia
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  • Praveen chander
    Praveen chander

    He answered well and transparent

  • Rion RPJ Nomadic
    Rion RPJ Nomadic

    Unique design and spacious interior👍 I like this car.. Citroen 👌

  • Pratik shaha
    Pratik shaha

    Less variants, better decision making

  • Melk047

    Tres interessant! Welcome and good luck Citroen

  • arjun kothekar
    arjun kothekar

    Does it have air suspension ?

  • sandesh kanade
    sandesh kanade

    Very sensible from management, definitely done the homework. Soon people will shift only from ride to comfortable ride. With more focused on quality than quantity will go well in long run. Looking forward to more out of box thinking and coming with customer oriented cars from Citroen.

  • subramani pon
    subramani pon

    Nice questions and gentle interview. Congratulations @Renuka💐💐👍👍

  • Bumzini

    We have it in the UK and it’s alright

  • kalpesh333 Patel
    kalpesh333 Patel

    nice questin & information give more information about citron brand & his product

  • sachin mb
    sachin mb

    C21 aircross should launch immediately

  • Bishal Karmakar
    Bishal Karmakar

    Hello autocar india, this is Bishal Karmakar from west Bengal, one of your channel subscriber, wish to know something about new citroens c5 aircross suv. My quaries are: A) who makes the engine of citroen c5 aircross? We know that tata jeep compass, mg hector, harrier and safari uses fiat sourced diesel engine. Kia and hyundai shares their engines to their own vehicles. Suzuki and toyota shares their engines. Renaukt and nissan uses their engines between them. Volswagen and skoda shares their own engines. In that kind of strategy, i wish to know that who makes engine for citroen brand? B) which brands audio system is installed in citroen c5 aircross? Does it have any subwoofer with its music system? C) what is flying carpet suspension system concept of c5 aircross suv? Does it feels bouncy or cushy while riding? What is the special mechanism system presents there to act the vehicle like flying carpet according to the citroen brand? I have never experienced a flying carpet ride with my entire life to understand the effect of its riding quality. Wish to know the mechanism behind such suspense system. D) if i purchase a c5 from a major city which are far away from my residence, then what will be process of getting after sales services of my vehicle's requirements? Hope you understood my quaries and you react according to them. Waiting for your response. Its a quary request about c5 aircross suv. You can ignore my requested words if you think not be answered. If any of my word hurts you then please ignore them a d don't take them personally. Have a wonderful time ahead.

  • Pradeep Batra
    Pradeep Batra

    First impression is last impression

  • Arav Sushruth
    Arav Sushruth

    Love itttt

  • benrgrogan

    He's so right about the "need to launch at least one car per year" looking at you VW and Skoda.

  • adil mk
    adil mk

    expecting small suv also from citroen

  • Ranjith Kumar
    Ranjith Kumar

    Upload the trackday video soon...


    Merci pour la video#Citroen

  • Indranil Chatterjee
    Indranil Chatterjee

    The idea to launch the flagship suv is actually very strategic . With the flagship the brand gets to show what they can actually offer and at the same time create the brand hype without having to worry about the sales network to cater to the hype as the buyers for such a price bracket are less and hence they get ample time to set up dealerships across the country meanwhile and them start launching the cheaper cars across segments

  • Arivu Arockia Rajesh Paul Jeyaseelan
    Arivu Arockia Rajesh Paul Jeyaseelan

    Petrol ⛽ is just a hit away to reach century. Not for the masses.

  • Vineeth Vish
    Vineeth Vish

    Hope they do well and get Peugeot brand asap

  • A҉p҉p҉u҉

    C5 aircross also needs an all wheel drive variant also a petrol plug in hybrid

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar

    How to get dealership of citroen

  • Eric Rasputin
    Eric Rasputin

    At least there was some effort in trying to pronounce the French words and names properly. Nice.

  • mandy_t06

    I love Autocar India

  • Sumukha N Lokesh
    Sumukha N Lokesh

    Autocar is the best car review YT channel

  • Prateek Sharma
    Prateek Sharma

    The car is really stylish....

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    I love this car

  • Neetusameer arora
    Neetusameer arora


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