"2021 is the year of the VW Taigun" - Ashish Gupta | Interview | Autocar India
0:00 - Introduction
0:36 - Overview of Volkswagen India's 2021 plans
1:24 - Importance of SUVs in the model mix
2:28 - Addressing gaps in VW's SUV portfolio
3:23 - Opportunities in mid-size SUV segment
4:26 - Polo replacement for India?
6:58 - VWs being associated with high cost of ownership
9:12 - Taigun's positioning
10:20 - CKD options for VW
11:10 - Plans for T-Roc
12:10 - Halo models for India
13:10 - Challenges implementing India 2.0 program
14:25 - Forecast for 2021
15:44 - The switch to online buying

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  • Sjay!

    When I had a polo for 5 years these were the issues: 1. Car used to give avg of 5.5 kmpl while my i20 used to give 14. Both manual and cannot say driving style was so poor then even i20 would have the same issue. VW could never fix this issue and it seemed to be a faulty car to us. 2. The service centers used to always try and force us to spend more for unnecessary services. Like check this and that when we never had issues to get it checked. Each service cost us 10-17k for a polo while my i20 would cost 5-8k. Don't mind paying more for stuff needed but attitude was clearly of try n remove more from customer. 3. Steering column issue was common in friends polos as well and it's surprising as have owned over 20 cars in last few decades of diff brands including premium ones but never faced such silly n expensive issues. Lastly resale value was a joke. I got less than 3 lakhs for polo while rubbish to drive n boring i20 got me 3.8 lakhs. Both were same price range n bought same month n same colour also. This was between 2012- 2017 so yeah I hope things are different now. Lookimg forward to VW cars as yet they're the best to drive no doubt abou that.

  • abraham jose
    abraham jose

    Will the next polo launch by 2022 ??? Should I wait or go with current polo

  • ksudarsan

    Really looking forward to how the Taigun would be placed. No strategy around electric vehicles - that is very strange since the market seems to be gravitating towards that. Given that VW generally is the last to arrive at the scene, they should probably have some strategy to have electric vehicles by 2025!

  • Sagar Murmu
    Sagar Murmu

    Polo Golf please!

  • Xavier John
    Xavier John

    Please bring the new Polo🙏😭

  • Rohan Maheshwari
    Rohan Maheshwari

    Driving VW since 2013 & gonna drive till i drive .... ♥️VW♥️

  • shyam singh
    shyam singh

    There is no servicing centre in manipur. Otherwise i would love to own this vehicle. Now i will go for scorpio.

  • Rajdeep Jangra
    Rajdeep Jangra

    Next Gen POLO is not possible cuz , its 4053 mm in length , which makes it attract higher Taxes here in India making it as expensive as Verna or Vento or Rapid , :( Hail India's sub 4 meter tax regulations

  • Kishor Kumar TB
    Kishor Kumar TB

    Eagerly waiting !!!

  • dharmendra kothari
    dharmendra kothari

    Pls launch arteon and atlas cross sport in india they will surely make other cars look outdated and shame in designwise and looks they both have a great road presence on road

  • Shreyans Bhatt
    Shreyans Bhatt

    VW cars are build for ages!

  • Arijeet Tarafdar
    Arijeet Tarafdar

    Thats a very good interview Hormazd ! Questions we wanted to ask and the not usual brand based fanfare. Investigative auto journalism at its best Kudos

  • yogesh khandeparkar
    yogesh khandeparkar

    Wonderful design taigun .best wishes VW..now get the Golf

  • Ayush Verma
    Ayush Verma

    when is it going to launch?

  • bannajirocks

    Plz get new polo.. it’s been launched in foreign countries since 2017

  • Gautham Babu
    Gautham Babu

    No petrol engines can replace the power and fuel efficient of TDI diesel engines ❤️🔥

  • Adil Muhammed
    Adil Muhammed

    Waiting for the next gen POLO than the taigun.....🥱🥱

  • rajoo solanky
    rajoo solanky

    We all admire & desire German Cars ownership, but cannot afford the unrealistic pricing & high maintenance Costs - Spares & Labour charges. Unless they offer 5 years Warranty on major parts, 5 free maintenance Services with all consumables & 5 years RSA. Its not worth investing our hard earned money in VW & Skoda. VW's group really makes Solid, Safe, Good designed Classic Cars with classy exterior & interior. We all Would love to buy them but.............. * Let's patiently wait for Tiagun & Kushaq with high localisation to fit our pockets & value in Indian ₹

  • Vedang Upadhye
    Vedang Upadhye

    You know I always yearn for VW to launch its FLAGSHIP PRODUCTS in INDIA But at the same I also know very well that if they get launched here they'll eat a major chunk of market share of its subsidiaries like Audi n all

  • Vigneesh RK
    Vigneesh RK

    Hope VW considers, respects the Indian market and provide us with their good updated products. A look at the tail lights of Vento and Rapid will reveal how backdated they are. Also hoping heavy localisation does not alter the quality and safety levels and characteristics of VW.


    When the VW T-ROC CBU Unit will available ? Manufacture local T-ROC in India itself.

  • Chirantan Mukherjee
    Chirantan Mukherjee

    If vw can bring golf, golf R Or maybe golf gti... That would be great... In India vw is incomplete without it.

  • ConfigT

    I guess, the Taigun will be the dark horse for the VW in INdia. Hope they deliver what they are promising on the cost of ownership.

  • Life Lytic
    Life Lytic

    Volkswagen love..

  • Gowtham V
    Gowtham V

    We need EV's. We indians don't want pollution. So bring a new EV MEB cars to india as well. Many people will pay the premium price to drive adoption.

  • HarisH SPS
    HarisH SPS

    Definitely there will be comprising in the taigun's quality when it's localised vendors. Volkswagen will lose its brand equity for localising.

    • Gowtham V
      Gowtham V

      Vento and Rapid are locally produced so it don't think it will be of bad quality.

  • Khual

    Bring VW ID car to india Sir.

  • MD Fazil
    MD Fazil

    Bring Vw nivus against jeep compass soon 💖💖

  • Hari Shyam
    Hari Shyam

    Year of taigun❤️waiting...

  • Altaf Raza
    Altaf Raza


  • Sreeraj TecH
    Sreeraj TecH

    Just imagine a vw car price starts from 5 lakh.

  • Bharath sundar SA
    Bharath sundar SA

    Still only idea about polo 😨😨😨

  • Rahul

    The strategy still doesn't seem to add up ..with t-roc and taigun and on top.of it.. they are already late with taigun..and with polo there seems to be no future even after acknowledging that customers are ready to pay a premium for hatchbacks.

  • MrLanmx

    VW, almost like apple, has a target audience that is drawn to it for its reliability, robustness and exciting driving dynamics. People who purchase a VW are not questioning the price and are even looking for up-to-date models regardless the cost. it is important to note however that, all things being said, VW in India, owns its success to the polo. Unfortunately, VW strategy to keep the polo alive with some minor facelift and engine tweaking might see a very bored customer looking for some fresh but familiar look or in the worse an alternative from other manufacturers. Saying that most of attention is led towards compact SUV's is an undeniable fact, but in my opinion, that's only because the hatchback sector failed to unleash it's creativity. A hot hatch is and will remain the better choice for many, especially driving enthusiasts. For that reason, I find unconvincing and quite disappointing that VW india takes no initiative to revive the hot hatch class which it simply dominated for many years, setting a benchmark for other to catch up with. If the current version of the polo sold elsewhere is hard to bring in because of some dimension factors, why changing the strategy alltogether? Get rid of the Tiguan and T-roc and bring the Taigun along with only version of the UP, the UP GT. Bring in the updated version of the vento too for sedans lovers and ensure most part can be allocated locally. it's not about selling few costly numbers, it's about selling many reasonably priced worthwhile cars. And don't worry about practicality, we VW buyers and owners have different expectations. Thank you.

  • Amir shoil
    Amir shoil

    We want new polo Gt

  • Neeraj Piplani
    Neeraj Piplani

    No car company can beat Volkswagen in terms of built quality and reliability but certain issues generally faced with Volkswagen vento especially related to frequent steering rack failures is a matter of grave concern.

  • The Forest Guy
    The Forest Guy

    Diesels r must from vw bcos all competitors have diesels

  • Vinay N
    Vinay N

    Taigun should be 15+ on road for the base model, yes they should get the service cost revisions, since MG and KIA are competitive

  • goldi k
    goldi k

    1st car is Polo, 2nd car will be Taigun Launch date quickly 😁

  • narendra nadh Vishnumolakala
    narendra nadh Vishnumolakala

    So it’s clear that Taigun will have higher price than Creta

  • Richard Prabhakar
    Richard Prabhakar

    VW ✌🏾the best

  • E G Entertainments
    E G Entertainments

    volkswagon tiagun should come under 10 lakh.and low service cost

  • Vihang Pimputkar
    Vihang Pimputkar

    Polo is the best performing Vehical of VW but it’s not that successful due to lack of ground clearance and leg room. If VW improves these 2 things then it may capture the competition market.

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar

    Should I wait for new polo or planning to buy current generation model.

  • Mr. തക്കുടു
    Mr. തക്കുടു

    Inorder to get traction in India, first and foremost thing they need to do, they should do improve After sales and service. They must reduce the astronomical price of spares and Services and Service time. Volkswagen is no Toyota, reliability is hit or miss. :-From a Volkswagen Jetta customer.

  • Dhvanan Trivedi
    Dhvanan Trivedi

    Everyone who bought a VW few years back and is now looking for an update are going to be so keen. The rivals have moved the benchmark up but they don't give the quality that a VW provides. That's why a customer who once uses a VW always tries to stick with it. Don't let it spoil.

  • Ashutosh Paranjpe
    Ashutosh Paranjpe

    Polo is largest selling product of VW. No plans for it. VW trying to join Kia/Hyundai party. No plans for sub 4m CSUV. God know where they are heading.

  • K U
    K U

    2021 is the year of TATA Safari

  • Aashay Mantri
    Aashay Mantri

    The SUV segment isn't "growing", it's become overcrowded. And because brands have started focusing only on SUVs all the other segments have started becoming obsolete. The D segment sedans are already dying, VW even killed off it's own Jetta for our market. If 2021 is the year of Taigun is it safe to assume the Vento replacement will also only come next year? And that the Polo might not get a replacement any time soon, or might as well just get discontinued?

  • Ranjit Singh
    Ranjit Singh

    afraid of VW costs

  • Jithu Jithu
    Jithu Jithu

    Any chance for GTI Model launch again? At least in limited numbers like before....

  • Divyanshu Singh
    Divyanshu Singh

    Bring back TDI

  • Abhijeet Bhargava
    Abhijeet Bhargava

    With Petrol almost breaching ₹100 and with only Petrol engine as offering will it really be a the year of VW? Interesting question to think about. 🤔

  • Shubham Ahuja
    Shubham Ahuja

    If VW is listening please bring back 1.6ltr ,2ltr diesel engines and 1.2ltr in polo as well

  • Hudson Samuel
    Hudson Samuel

    Get the production model out already !! Creating too much hype might end up doing damage !

  • abhishek n
    abhishek n

    Golf plz

  • Arnov Sarkar
    Arnov Sarkar

    There should be a good Alternative to Korean Toy Cars - Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta. Ford, VW, Skoda, Honda are the hopes for us making driver friendly cars.

  • Kashaf Ahmed
    Kashaf Ahmed

    VW can’t ignore the fact that having diesel engines will monumentally help them get the volumes from every segment they are trying to target and we know diesels will be any day much more torquey and efficient than petrol.

  • Sabarinath S
    Sabarinath S

    Next gen polo is a dream for many Indian enthusiasts pls bring it 🙏🙏🙏😂

  • Prateek Sharma
    Prateek Sharma

    There is a famous saying "Once you have driven a Volkswagen you won't drive anything else".... that's how goods the VWs and Skoda are...but unfortunately the service centers are running a scam.....and this has a created a doubt in customer's mind that VW are costly to maintain..If the management can fix the service centers...VWs are dream...

  • Saheb Bansal
    Saheb Bansal

    Launch the new gen polo already VW

  • Traveller Life
    Traveller Life

    What we get usually is high maintenance cost.

  • Shahu Miskin
    Shahu Miskin

    Buying a VW will always be an emotional decision rather than a practical one!

  • reachpradi1

    When is it getting launched?

  • sydney moirangthem
    sydney moirangthem

    Why can’t VW at least design a new interior for the Polo using the existing platform if it is going to be difficult to reduce the length of the new international Polo? Changing some of panels wouldn’t be too difficult or costly.

  • Ankur Mishra
    Ankur Mishra

    Bring new polo and vento . also launch golf

  • Rithvik’s Channel
    Rithvik’s Channel

    Vw group cars are best

  • Sharfudeen Fakrudeen
    Sharfudeen Fakrudeen

    I guess customers move towards SUVs because there is no much better options in sedan in India, (city, verna plays inbetween) rapid and vento is out of the game already

  • Ashish Patil
    Ashish Patil

    VW should bring a sub four metre SUV below tigun in price range of 6 to 11laks. I just hope tigun will be priced properly.

  • krishnapalanati

    We are better of Indian cars or cars tuned for Indian road conditions. VW is just launching their premium left overs in other countries in India.

  • Sathish Rao
    Sathish Rao

    ‘Sister concerns’ VW and Skoda ( and Renault & Nissan ) may have to split their portfolios for their own goods. By deciding to introduce similar/overlapping models, they seem to be killing each other - one of the models may become extinct eventually resulting in the waste of huge investment.

  • Chitra Nagarajan
    Chitra Nagarajan

    Will Taigun rival MG Hector?

  • Rohan Halder
    Rohan Halder

    VW needs to improve its post sales service by leaps and bounds. Currently it's way below par

  • satyajeet samant
    satyajeet samant

    I wish to upgrade my Polo with taigun...

  • A G
    A G

    I will be buying volkswagen taigun this year

  • karthik nelluri
    karthik nelluri

    That big chrome bar in taigun below grill is looking more ugly.try another design

  • Amish5924

    Pricing is the main thing tho......

  • Mangottra rk
    Mangottra rk

    Waiting for vw Taigun ♥️🔥🔥

  • Vanshaj Nanda
    Vanshaj Nanda

    You have to own a VW to know its worth, as simple as that.

  • Akshay Kittur
    Akshay Kittur

    Robust quality, safety and driving dynamics is why people buy VW. Good to know that localisation has not affected these characteristics.

  • Arjun Vellalath
    Arjun Vellalath

    Really waiting for taigun

  • Pranav S
    Pranav S

    VW seriously needs to improve the dealership experience. It is one of the worst among the mid-premium brands.

  • Charujith Narayanan
    Charujith Narayanan

    Tiguan Facelift?

  • Pranav Dubey
    Pranav Dubey

    Buying this car as soon as it comes out

  • abhimanyu agrawal
    abhimanyu agrawal

    No company can be successful if they don't supply spares to their services centres for years and years. Just manufacturing and selling great cars is not enough.

  • Syed M Yahya
    Syed M Yahya

    My favourite car in Volkswagen is Tiguan Allspace

  • Jojo Rabbit
    Jojo Rabbit

    If there is no Diesel your car's won't sell in a good amount 😅

  • Sanket Singh
    Sanket Singh

    People are afraid of buying VW because of higher maintenance and parts costs. If VW solves this issue ,it can rule indian markets.

  • Jojo Rabbit
    Jojo Rabbit

    Why there ain't diesel engines in it

  • Siva Sanker.V
    Siva Sanker.V


  • Sanket Chitnis
    Sanket Chitnis

    I have one question. Will the T-Roc come as a CBU or a CKD in march/April?

  • Jai ShriRam
    Jai ShriRam

    VW Nivus ?

  • Medhansh Dasari
    Medhansh Dasari

    Amazing content by autocar.........btw it would be a great second innings for VW in india........hope they get the new polo soon ❤️

  • Zoheb Sholapurwala
    Zoheb Sholapurwala

    1st ever

  • Garvit Kumar Kalra
    Garvit Kumar Kalra

    Eagerly waiting for this car! Love to VW

  • Kiran Goud
    Kiran Goud

    Hey covering with all Automobile networks of India. Simply superb that too with upto date with the management of VW

  • George Paul
    George Paul

    2021 should be an interesting year

  • Aditya Dwivedi
    Aditya Dwivedi

    taigun vs creta vs kushaq maybe something from kia as well.....suv segment is on fire

  • astronaut diver
    astronaut diver

    When will new polo launch

  • Gaurav Krishna
    Gaurav Krishna

    please launch new Polo here...pleaase...

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