2021 Tata Safari review - Tata’s new flagship SUV | First Drive | Autocar India
The Tata Safari name has divided opinion but what is the new Harrier-based three row SUV like as a product? Nikhil Bhatia has the details.
Camerapersons: Shreyans Chordia, Pradeep Bhondave
Editor: Mohit Sharma
0:00 - Introduction
0:57 - Tata Safari 2021 dimensions and styling
2:04 - Tata Safari 2021 interior
3:31 - Tata Safari 2021 6 seater middle row
4:57 - Tata Safari 2021 third row
6:04 - Tata Safari 2021 boot
6:25 - Tata Safari 2021 7 seater
7:37 - Tata Safari 2021 features and safety
8:05 - Tata Safari 2021 engines
8:16 - Tata Safari 2021 manual
8:30 - Tata Safari 2021 automatic
9:37 - Tata Safari 2021 braking performance
10:07 - Tata Safari 2021 handling
10:30 - Tata Safari 2021 ride
11:10 - Tata Safari 2021 off-road
11:47 - Tata Safari 2021 price expectation and verdict
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  • Kundan Singh
    Kundan Singh

    Only problem in the safari is its infotainment system, the screen has got a very slow response and it doesn't suit the car 😕😕 it should match the fluidity of seltos and creta

  • JAY_beta3

    3rd row seats 👍

  • akhil sai
    akhil sai

    I hope this car is going to bring a lot of sales for tata with it's 6 & 7 seater capacity bcoz harrier with a great suv look & so good features has entered into the market but, the sales are not as expected due to overprice for a 5 seater car. But when it comes to safari new addition it's coming with more amount of space & feel good features with almost same pricing of the harrier. So, it's really a good marketing by tata 👏👏👏

  • Samarth Pai
    Samarth Pai

    Which is the best car Xuv500 or Safari. Can anyone please suggest me with full details.

  • Salesforce Dutta
    Salesforce Dutta

    Tata has spoilt the taste of Safari. Old design was much appropriated and practical. Somethings mustn't be touched. 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Revolution Graphics
    Revolution Graphics

    Excellent presentation 👍

  • Dattatreya Das
    Dattatreya Das

    Can you make a comparison between Tata Safari and Toyota Innvova? They seem to do the same job for me but want to know which car will be a better choice to live with over an ownership period of 10 years

  • jayesh kanojia
    jayesh kanojia

    It's an awesome SUV bf Tatas

  • anuj kumar
    anuj kumar

    Put video of tata safari xt plus model

  • neeraj raj
    neeraj raj

    Just thinking that what maximum exchange price can I get for my 1 year old I20 active... At that time, I was not able to buy safari, now I can by the grace of God. Always seen Safari as my dream car, hopefully it will be mine within next 2 months. Great review dear❤️❤️❤️

  • Mandip Aulakh
    Mandip Aulakh

    Indian land cruiser

  • shinsuke Nakamura
    shinsuke Nakamura

    Isn't this a bit overhyped and overpointed topic......its just a swollen harrier....whats the need of so much hype of this safari....adjusting 2 extra seats at the back of harrier....thats all.....Instead i find the hexa more better designed and special than this swollen harrier

  • Jesse 11
    Jesse 11

    Disappointing they should’ve made safari a different vehicle based on a different design, this is just harrier 7 seater

  • Dinto Louis
    Dinto Louis

    Will there be takers for a "5 captain seat version of safari" [captain seat in the middle of the third row] or a "4 captain seat" version of harrier..? Comfortable seating given priority over numbers..

  • Mayur Soni
    Mayur Soni

    Tata is at its best

  • Sudhanshu Ranjan
    Sudhanshu Ranjan

    Iska ground clearence kitna hai

  • Sreshta Sreegith
    Sreshta Sreegith

    Super car


    Yeah it's a great one but the service .....

  • Bi genuine
    Bi genuine

    Everything is good but the steering is heavy & will it be able to handle full passengers load turning corners at high speed which can be scary

  • Garlapati Pardha saradhi
    Garlapati Pardha saradhi

    It's good

  • Drmohammed Abdullah
    Drmohammed Abdullah

    Hexa drives better,more comfortable and heavier.

  • Bhupinder

    Front wheel drive SAFARI.... 😭😭😭

  • Manoj M
    Manoj M

    Badge in steering should be updated...else it gives the feel of driving a commercial vehicle taking away all the feel of driving an SUV... irrespective of its advancements....😖

  • Manoj M
    Manoj M

    Same face fir Safari and harrier...😃

  • Manoj M
    Manoj M

    Same face for all SUVs of TATA..?

  • Prathamesh karbhari
    Prathamesh karbhari

    It will hit all suvs after all Indian brand is On trend

  • amar singh
    amar singh

    I will buy it only if they can change their logo


    so you could pretty much make this the ultimate camping car (in the 7 seater variant) by folding both the 3rd and 2nd row seats

  • Jasmeet S Bhogal
    Jasmeet S Bhogal

    IMO, Tata should have not used the Safari brand name for this vehicle. It does not look like the original's successor nor does it offer the same features of the original Safari. I feel the original Safari had a cult following and the fans would have been looking forward to a proper off roader in its latest avatar. This one may be a great vehicle on its own, but the name Safari carries some heritage and emotion which needs to be lived up to. I guess what I am trying to say is if you are going to introduce a successor to a legendary car you need to make sure it can fill those shoes and stir up those same emotions. I think Bajaj made the same mistake by over using Pulsar brand on so many of their bikes. Mahindra's Scorpio has been a successful car as they have stuck with the same boxy shape and offered improvements in the newer generations. That's my 2 cents.

  • Rajaprabu

    New I just like but old is gold ever

  • Aviral Singhal
    Aviral Singhal

    TATA needs to work on a bigger screen and better cool looking interface.

  • Gurmukh Singh
    Gurmukh Singh

    Learn from Japan just stick to old gold wild

  • Anirudh k
    Anirudh k

    So tata going Audi way ? All model will look similar from front. Harrier, nexon, safari, etc

  • Nirvan Naik
    Nirvan Naik

    Did not liked tata they are giving same design to allow new cars, sedans, suv same stupid gril led lights downside design same jbl touch same steering same blue color they are trying at all in design and not putting efforts just giving strong build quality.

  • Amlan Pal
    Amlan Pal

    This car will be a hit

  • Rajat awtani
    Rajat awtani

    Amazing vehicle with the trust of TATA

  • Dhruv Singh Pal
    Dhruv Singh Pal

    So this safari is basically the 7 seater harrier.🤔🤔

  • joseph kuriakose
    joseph kuriakose

    Overall excellent. Love to buy this car from TATA

  • Bhaskar reddyrb
    Bhaskar reddyrb

    It's a beast

  • RandomStuff


  • game streamer game streamer
    game streamer game streamer

    All are the fans of the old safari but look at the sales figure 😂

  • North Remembers
    North Remembers

    We need awd in safari

  • North Remembers
    North Remembers

    Old safari is best

  • Funny Tamil videos
    Funny Tamil videos

    Low budget Endeavour


    I don't see any difference between new Safari and harrier in the shape, Tata has to really work on its shapes, every new launching cars of Tata looks alike




    well done tata

  • Siddhartha Thorat
    Siddhartha Thorat

    Looks like harrier!

  • Leon Brady
    Leon Brady

    This one ❤

  • I'ɱ Gøøɠłє
    I'ɱ Gøøɠłє

    Impressive 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Paritosh Kalra
    Paritosh Kalra

    XT + is an un necessary addition. Rather TATA should discontinue it and name it XTA (XT with automatic transmission) Sunroof in India is a useless accessory and all we need is an automatic transmission with good features. XT has it all but it does not have AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. People may refrain from buying SAFARI at this price point as the mid variant does not have AT. TATA... Are you listening?

  • Senthil kannan
    Senthil kannan

    Safari means Bold , stunning , aggressive , tough , this new safari looks like small, style, and normal suv . Lights would have designed better . Instead of triangle lights ,tata would have considered something like new pajero head light. Convey this to TATA motors.

  • Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur

    so is this a harrier review or a safari review?

  • Shravan Gowdar
    Shravan Gowdar

    The devil is back 🤩🤩🥳🥳❤️💗💗

  • Ravinder Koushal
    Ravinder Koushal

    Tata safari is best


    Do not discredit the Safari model by giving Safari its name I love old Tata Safari like storm&dicor

  • William b
    William b

    Premium product plus very capable doesn't actually need 4wd or Rwd, I have seen tata nexon dune bashing better than other 4wd cars in Rajasthan with its traction control and good ground clearances.

  • Indtajeet Banerjee
    Indtajeet Banerjee

    So according to this video which is woth to buy harrier or all new safari


    Nice TATA❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • martin de poras
    martin de poras

    Price 25 lakc

  • Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior

    That dash looks pretty sexy ngl

  • Deep Singh
    Deep Singh

    All New Sumo!! would have been a better name to this SUV. Nowhere resembling the Legend..

  • Radical gamer
    Radical gamer

    Its looking like Tata harrier.

  • arpan poul
    arpan poul

    Atleast the extra tyre should have been located at the back like the older version

  • Shanky Rahul
    Shanky Rahul

    7 seater harrier, SAFARI nhi ho sakti.baat khatam. 🙏🏻❤️

  • Vamsee Krishna
    Vamsee Krishna

    Wonderful job...hope the seat colours choice would be given.👍

  • Francis Kundukulam
    Francis Kundukulam

    Is it worth sacrificing the middle seat in the second row to access the rear row seats ?

  • SN SN
    SN SN

    Safari rocks, my dream carrrrr

  • Deepa Kandpal
    Deepa Kandpal


  • Mohamed Jukaku
    Mohamed Jukaku

    Best Made in India car till date 🔥

  • Bishal Chhetri
    Bishal Chhetri

    Really a great review. I really liked the way you’ve presented the car.

  • Nikhil

    Automatic top model driving seat can't be adjusted to move more fwd as same has auto function for adjustment. People with height less than 5.7 will not be comfortable driving it.

  • starrpartner jasbir
    starrpartner jasbir

    I have an safari already but new one looking very stylish what should I do now friends kindly suggests..regards jasbir Singh khaira chandigarh

  • rahul

    This is harrier plus

  • Sagor Mukherjee
    Sagor Mukherjee

    2021 TATA Safari is good but i think old TATA Safari Storm is best really

  • Rajarshi Dutta
    Rajarshi Dutta

    Not that old muscular looks. If they would have launched it in a different name

  • tech vehicles activities
    tech vehicles activities

    new-generation safari 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌wow safari is the best

  • Rahul Rv
    Rahul Rv

    Its like harrier

  • Jyothish Nair
    Jyothish Nair

    It looks bit of toyota qualis and fortuner


    WHY tata is doing liketht all cars now look the same the gravitas harrier safari tata brought good design now again its going wrong..

  • jith9670

    If AWD introduce in future.I will definitely go for it.


    Price kitni hai?

  • Gana

    Ah the SAFARI...awesome amd am on my way on Feb22 if that's the day of launch?

  • Vishal Mane
    Vishal Mane

    Bohot sahi lag rhi hai Tata Safari budget mein bhi hai

  • Jayesh Gopi
    Jayesh Gopi

    H A R R I E R - Plus S A F A R I - XZA - Daytone Grey Expecting much improved infotainment system to compete with upcoming rivals.

  • pradeep kumar
    pradeep kumar

    But Tata issues and after sales service 😭

  • Achuthan Kannan
    Achuthan Kannan

    The main quality that i saw in tata is they will immediately rectify the mistakes and improves at the next edition

  • Fun capture
    Fun capture

    Really super car

  • Bro. Tolliver
    Bro. Tolliver

    I've watched basically every manufacture on sale in the states. Guess I'll check out what India has been up. I really like this model. Captain's chairs + theater seating is an awesome combo.

  • N K Das
    N K Das

    A top end variant would cost a whopping 25 lacs...!!! I wish TATA focused on gaining market share more than profit. If they gave Harrier within 15 lacs and Safari within 20 Lacs on road price story could have been different.

  • come to your mom's room and say that to my face
    come to your mom's room and say that to my face

    Still i prefer Japanese vehicles for day to day usage because of its longevity and after sale services

  • vish ahire
    vish ahire

    Hexa more better than new safari


    i love tata cars

  • Aniruddh B
    Aniruddh B

    Now XUV 500 will face a great competition with this New Safari

  • Manjesh Chakrapani
    Manjesh Chakrapani

    I own Safari from last 12 years and trust me this is not the Safari I will cherish. Why not let the Safari be real rather than making useless permutations combinations with other models R&D team , Tata - Oh Please !!!!!!

  • Shivam Julka
    Shivam Julka

    very Well done tata

  • arun prasath.R
    arun prasath.R

    Is this 4 wheel drive

  • Fallen Jedi
    Fallen Jedi

    None of the new Safaris have been able to recreate the original looks of its predecessors and that is the disappointment with this new car!

  • kapil sharma
    kapil sharma

    Name change krne se thodi bik jaayegi,safari to safari hi hai

  • Balu Sadawrte
    Balu Sadawrte


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All-New SAFARI - Adventure Persona
208 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ