BMW R18 review - The Big Show | First Ride | Autocar India
The BMW R18 is a cruiser like few others. Rishaad Mody tells you why.
Video shot on Sony Alpha 7 III.
#BMW​ #SonyAlphaIn​ #SonyIndia​
0:00 - Introduction
0:08 - BMW R18 cruiser
0:56 - BMW R18 engine
3:10 - BMW R18 performance
2:08 - BMW R18 sound
4:32 - BMW R18 ride and handling
6:42 - BMW R18 braking
6:51 - BMW R18 weight
7:14 - BMW R18 ergonomics
8:14 - BMW R18 styling
9:00 - BMW R18 features and accessories
9:23 - BMW R18 First Edition
9:33 - BMW R18 price in India and verdict
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  • dejotou

    German Engineering with Ugly Design, GS's look far better

  • ദശമൂലം ദാമു
    ദശമൂലം ദാമു

    Can we appreciate him for taking that 1.8 litre engine without dropping it down. Even interceptor is too heavy for me😵

  • Umesh Shinde
    Umesh Shinde

    Autocar India. Team I really loved this Review. I'm planning to purchase this bike and your Review was Helpful

  • Avinash

    I dont know why but this looks damn Ugly to me....its a really ugly bike Would prefer the Rocket instead

  • Anirudh

    Could u please review the rocket 3

  • DpKris

    I watch Autocar only for Rishaad's review.

  • Soumitra Ray
    Soumitra Ray

    Spreading ur legs over cylinders.. Boy dat ws some stunts on cruiser..🤣

  • Soumitra Ray
    Soumitra Ray

    A comparo with fatboy...👍

  • Rishit Agarwal
    Rishit Agarwal

    How much price ?

  • Anonymous wong
    Anonymous wong

    What kind of crash guards will fit

  • Abhishek Soni
    Abhishek Soni

    It's.... It's hideous!

  • Classic Wheels
    Classic Wheels

    Such a beautiful bike it definitely is.... Liking how BMW took the risk to have open shaft to Rear wheel.... That is gonna give a lot of attention the massive air turbulence it will make i can only imagine

  • Krushna Allam
    Krushna Allam

    so when rocket 3

  • Om Chatterjee
    Om Chatterjee

    Just one question! Spoked rims, do they mean tubed tyres? At 350kg I don’t think anyone would dare to push this beast with a punctured tyre!

  • Tushar Singh
    Tushar Singh

    Renault Kwid and Maruti Suzuki Alto left the chat

  • Don Tom
    Don Tom

    It kinda looks ugly.. Doesn't even feel like a BMW product. The engine bulge is a huge negative.

  • Aaditya Pratap Singh
    Aaditya Pratap Singh

    Great review. Now I want this bike very badly, even though I understand that it's impossible for me to afford one! 😝

  • Rusty 2k
    Rusty 2k

    Exhaust sound is not at all doing justice to 1800 cc...

  • Benhur _93
    Benhur _93


  • shinsuke Nakamura
    shinsuke Nakamura

    This bike dont needs a stand....its swollen engine is enough

  • Abhijeet bro
    Abhijeet bro

    Not practical for indian roads

  • neil

    cinematography was on another level for this video! the Sony a7 III seems to be a great tool too

  • Shiv Vashishtha Bhargava
    Shiv Vashishtha Bhargava

    The R18 is quite the bike, but a bit too expensive?!

  • yashveer singh
    yashveer singh

    Most expensive leg gaurd in the market right now.

  • H D
    H D

    I wonder if you are catering to European audience? How many can afford this in good old India?

  • Abhimanyu Kohli
    Abhimanyu Kohli

    What a mega beast!

  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh

    Is this bike a single seater one ??

  • Harshvardhan Sinha
    Harshvardhan Sinha

    I don't get it why can't the cruisers look modern. For eg. have digital instrument control, good led lights etc.

  • Mithun Reddy
    Mithun Reddy

    What's the mileage? just curious 🤔

  • Basit Alam
    Basit Alam

    That torque is so much that it will obliterate many cruisers and with that power in such 2k rpm is just wow. And air cooled blend with oil cooling 😐. Oh my my.

  • Basit Alam
    Basit Alam

    Much awaited ❤️.

  • Jithin C R
    Jithin C R


  • Alan mlt
    Alan mlt

    Non Practical Bike. If bike falls by side? Bye Bye Engine!

  • Subhagata Datta
    Subhagata Datta

    Good bike but triumph rocket 3 looks better.

  • Reuben Dias
    Reuben Dias

    Just wondering how an electric cruiser would be with that much weight

  • shakeeb 921
    shakeeb 921

    i just need the engine.. bmw should start selling these legendary engines

  • Raghunandan ah
    Raghunandan ah

    Ugly lukin motorcycle...

  • P B
    P B

    I doubt 5.03 statement. It's not better than Harley. For its price you'll get much better Harley in touring chassis. It's 33 rake angle is it's death nail. Harley has stopped breakout dur to that

  • vigneshbalasubramani

    I watch bike reviews of u r channel bcoz of this man's presentation...👍👏👌. Just awesome 👌

  • Manju M R
    Manju M R

    In a nutshell - the bike will waver towards one side, it vibrates a lot.

  • Krishna Chaitanya
    Krishna Chaitanya

    That engines look and space is definitely a deal breaker for me

  • Er Aman Divan
    Er Aman Divan

    what a bike 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Bhavmeet Singh
    Bhavmeet Singh

    Such a rad bike

  • mofolactic fiza
    mofolactic fiza

    Harley will always be harley this is not matching the breakout’s swag

  • Abhi Shetty
    Abhi Shetty

    I know it's stupid money, but it feels like a patek philippe is a croud of apple watches.

  • bijoy chacko
    bijoy chacko

    Please do a comparo of this with the harley and the indian

  • Ranjith Kumar
    Ranjith Kumar

    Upload the trackday video soon😶

  • Aviral Srivastava
    Aviral Srivastava

    Waiting for rocket 3 gt review

  • cleton colaso
    cleton colaso

    Over priced.

  • Satheesh

    One should avoid using the engines as crash guard

  • aravind prabha
    aravind prabha

    0:31 Wow what a petrol price. For this price triump rocket 3.

  • Atin Narang
    Atin Narang

    Triumph rocket 3 is a much better vehicle

  • ESPIE 26
    ESPIE 26

    This is the first motorcycle which suits your personality, tall stature and ergonomics very well.

  • romil pachori
    romil pachori

    Please do a review on Indian chief lineup

  • Ranadhish Rajan
    Ranadhish Rajan

    Love your reviews❤️

  • MS Dewgun
    MS Dewgun

    Omg it's too cool 😲❤️

  • Paramjit Singh
    Paramjit Singh

    Still a harley fan. Vrod


    Boss hoss competitor 😂

  • Arshad khan
    Arshad khan

    Fantastic bike

  • athul krishnan
    athul krishnan

    Give this man any bike from any segment ,he will make the review joy to watch

  • Abhinav PJ
    Abhinav PJ

    Review R3 please🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Eeshachandra P
    Eeshachandra P


  • Bhimesh chowdhary
    Bhimesh chowdhary

    I feel this bike is over engineered.

  • YaSh ChaudharY
    YaSh ChaudharY

    bmw can beat harley easily.

  • Shubhankar Nalawade
    Shubhankar Nalawade

    King version of bikes ! 🔥💯

  • Dilip Kumaar
    Dilip Kumaar


  • abhimanyu thapa
    abhimanyu thapa

    Big and Handsome 😎👌🏼

  • S H
    S H

    Msst hai

  • Atishay Jain
    Atishay Jain

    First. Yay!

  • Arsh

    Love ur videos

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