Honda CB350 RS - The H'ness with attitude | First Look | Autocar India
There's a new Honda motorcycle in town. It's called the Honda CB350 RS and it's a derivative of the CB350 H'ness. Rishaad Mody has all the details.
Video shot on Sony Alpha 7 III.
0:00 - Introduction
0:14 - Honda CB350 RS India
0:45 - Honda CB350 RS design
2:24 - Honda CB350 RS engine
2:20 - Honda CB350 RS colours
2:40 - Honda CB350 RS sound
3:01 - Honda CB350 RS chassis
3:20 - Honda CB350 RS riding position
3:38 - Honda CB350 RS instruments
3:44 - Honda Big Wing
4:04 - Honda CB350 RS price
4:18 - Honda CB350 RS features
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  • Venu Akhil
    Venu Akhil

    ❣️ Honda CB350 RS ❣️


    I think bajaj dominor 400 is the good option then's comes with 400 cc engine and almost double the power and trouque u can cruise easily at 130 without any vib.. But as v Indian never go for Indian product 😜..but I suggest the new biker to have a luk on d400 and then take the dicsion.👍

  • Satish Khot
    Satish Khot

    Seat needs more coushning

  • Admin I AM
    Admin I AM

    Finally the exhaust note was shown on a video involving a bike. Thumbs up

  • Vishwas P S
    Vishwas P S

    Highness is seriously a fantastic bike❤️

  • padvi

    i love that classic design..

  • Shyam Gandhi
    Shyam Gandhi

    Which one will be better cB350 or RS for daily commute

  • Highway To Hill
    Highway To Hill

    Cool looker!!

  • Siva

    21Hp ah ?

  • chris aaron
    chris aaron

    Why can't they give clip on handlebars as optional extra.. it then makes it a cool looking cafe racer

  • vinay v
    vinay v

    My next bike sureshot

  • keshavarao r v
    keshavarao r v

    Finally Honda is giving attention on new segments other than Activa.

  • Slick nick
    Slick nick

    EV lao yaar

  • black panthar
    black panthar

    Twin exhaust should be included in the model..

  • Sandeep Joshua
    Sandeep Joshua

    2.3 L for 350 cc engine. I would prefer used car.

  • Pradnya's Kitchen No 1
    Pradnya's Kitchen No 1



    Honda is tooooooo late...5 6years late

  • rbflowin TV
    rbflowin TV

    Was expecting a heavier sound.

  • Ajay Pathak
    Ajay Pathak

    Thanks for the update

  • sagar fulari
    sagar fulari

    What about Honda CB 300

  • FaujiBhai27 Warrior
    FaujiBhai27 Warrior

    To the Management at Honda Motorcycles India Greetings to you. A perfect daily commuter Motorcycle would be great for the average Indian family. Like the updated version of CD200 Road Master.

  • sri nandhan
    sri nandhan

    A very good video 😊,,,and im so curious to know can highness get upgrades for RS coz both the bikes share the same chases and hardwares ,,i have an idea to swap the tail section and handle bars from RS to highness ,,highness is definitely a unique bike ,,in case the youngsters who got highness may now like to do this mod ,,,does this works or not ,,pls make a video about this topic ,,

  • Team Incognito
    Team Incognito

    How can honda chase others it's a 350 cc bike without dual channel Abs

  • Bhargav Hangal
    Bhargav Hangal

    They should have at least given us the options to add usb and bluetooth function as an optional extra


    In new RS the tall gearing issue got resolved 5 gear also u will find the trouque and the max speed now increase by 20 more.i.e. 145 to 150 km

  • K P
    K P

    I m now confused if i should buy RE Matt Black Classic or Honda CB350 RS


    Front tyre mudguard is very short it will not suitable for rainy season pls modify.

  • Prajwal Singh Thapa
    Prajwal Singh Thapa

    Now this is one of the most goodlooking bikes of recent times and when you add honda reliability to it, it's a sure shot winner. The yellow-black colour z n eye candy.

  • Tejas Khairnar
    Tejas Khairnar

    That sound does not suit the bike for looks like scrambler and should sound like Rx100

  • Prasad Dongare
    Prasad Dongare

    No oil cool technology even after paying 2L 👎

  • Sagar Narayana
    Sagar Narayana

    Is that tube less tires?

  • Lal vensanga
    Lal vensanga

    3:35 even though the heel shifter have been removed, can we still fit them from the CB350?

  • Reuben Dias
    Reuben Dias

    Honda, Jawa & RE Meteor are just following the footsteps of the legendary RE Thunderbird... Miss that bike

  • Sakthi Vel
    Sakthi Vel

    I am big fan of Honda, I am owning 2016 CB Hornet after 5 years it is still touching 120 without any struggle. I have almost going to complete 70k in odometer. What I hate is service, I am from Coimbatore I bought the bike from one of the largest and best seller from my city. Last week I got front disc issue suddenly it got struck and I hit a another vehicle. Thank God I was at 40km, so no big injury. I took to the nearby service center of them and after waiting for an hour, they told disc master set is an issue. I asked them to change but they rejected due to already they have lot of vehicle. I explained them that I can't drive with this brake issue. After sometime they accepted and after that they came with another reason they don't have stock. They have around 6 branches near coimbatore but they don't have 2000 worth part in their stocks. Please honda if you can't service, please don't sell the vehicle. There are lot people seeking for proper service which they can't provide. In name of service they are looting our money.

  • Pratik C
    Pratik C

    Excellent and lovely reviewer. He is so much detailed and easy always ❤️🙌🔥

  • Vinayak R M
    Vinayak R M

    Waiting to see Honda to launch CB 150R. @Autocar wts ur view on launching of CB 150r in India

  • Rk funny jokes
    Rk funny jokes

    Nice video ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sharat Naganuri
    Sharat Naganuri

    If you could ask Honda on their plans for Upcoming bikes...I am really interested to know whether they are going to launch CBR350R fully faired bike...

  • Abhishek Agarwal
    Abhishek Agarwal

    Cb 350 RS- Black n Yellow looks like Ducati Scrambler full throttle😍

  • H I E S E N B E R G
    H I E S E N B E R G

    i ll wait for hunter

  • Anil Belankar
    Anil Belankar

    Honda's DNA is not to give value for money to its customers. It's products are way too costly and lack features. I don't think the quality they offer justifies there price.

  • Abhay Vakil
    Abhay Vakil

    U speak well bro

  • Mr Magikarp
    Mr Magikarp

    I got the sf 250 this month.. If this just launch before i bought it i might reconsider my decision and bought this bike

  • allipilli srinivas
    allipilli srinivas

    Honda will remove that dash plate and will sell it separately

  • Mukesh Singh
    Mukesh Singh

    looks = poor.... and surely other things will be average......

  • king size entertainments
    king size entertainments

    5:5 height wala banda chala lega?

  • Paranjay Sahoo
    Paranjay Sahoo

    Its look much better than highness and surely would drive better

  • lankesh kumar
    lankesh kumar

    Bike is good but it's high price isn't justified... Infact it should be placed below hness... For that plastic mudguard & blacked out silencer instead of chrome... Also a tyre hugger is missing...

  • abc xyz
    abc xyz

    The bike would looked good if they could have modified the tank.

  • Ashwath

    Nice to see that honda is giving more attention to bikes rather than just activa.

  • Sailendra Bathi Babu
    Sailendra Bathi Babu

    the solid red is gorgeous

  • Anwin Alex
    Anwin Alex

    Pls introduce the cb125r in india

  • Mau G
    Mau G

    Andheri Signal corner showroom right?

  • R G
    R G

    0:25 Honda should be banned from making up new acronyms

  • Ninad Lohar
    Ninad Lohar

    too much overpriced. 2.3L for 350cc really

  • Md Faiz Islam
    Md Faiz Islam

    Honda should launch CBR250R

  • Srikanth Bhau
    Srikanth Bhau

    Compare both bike same time on the road

  • Ami

    When Honda bringing Rebel 500 ? Waiting for it

  • CRIC

    The Tank should be More muscular like Royal Enfield . Currently it looks like splendor .

  • Shrirang Tambe
    Shrirang Tambe

    Hiness are carbureted models or fi?

  • CRIC

    Ugly tank .

  • Stan Da Man
    Stan Da Man

    It looks really beautiful though.

  • Fayaz

    Rs version looks a bit like Ducati scrambler.

  • Rakesh

    Lost opportunity by Honda same extremely tall gearing, no tachometer. You pay extra for marginally different styling.

  • MoBo 17
    MoBo 17

    Looks amazing

  • BubblyBhai

    This looks amazing! Especially the dual tone colour scheme. But the extra 10k isn't justified tbh.

  • Raghav Manhas
    Raghav Manhas


  • Kamalaksha De
    Kamalaksha De

    When will CB 300 R launch?

  • Decent Pandat
    Decent Pandat

    Awesome ♥️


    Hope Honda get good market of this machine.

  • 10B Abilash B
    10B Abilash B

    This bike looks like Royal Enfield also like ducati scrambler

  • Vettakaaran Media
    Vettakaaran Media


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