2021 Renault Kiger walkaround - Compact impact | First Look | Autocar India
The all-new Renault Kiger is coming soon to take on the Nissan Magnite and a whole host of compact SUVs in India. Renuka Kirpalani gives a quick tour of the all-important Renault SUV.
0:00 - Introduction
0:24 - Renault Kiger styling
3:06 - Renault Kiger dimensions
3:42 - Renault Kiger interior
5:50 - Renault Kiger rear seat
7:26 - Renault Kiger engines
8:07 - Renault Kiger features
8:22 - Renault Kiger first impression
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  • Prasanth Panicker
    Prasanth Panicker

    Weight of Kiger is 1012 kg. Weight of Magnite is 939 kg. Difference of 73 kg. That looks significant. Body of Magnite as of reviews looks flimsy.

  • Shantanu Deshmukh
    Shantanu Deshmukh

    will there be diesel version in coming future..?

  • siva kumar
    siva kumar

    Kiger full review video

  • Vishnukumar N
    Vishnukumar N

    Magnite looks magnificent compared to kiger

  • Jaden Nedaj
    Jaden Nedaj

    It looks very big visually compared to the magnite

  • Ayush Chhabra
    Ayush Chhabra

    Probably the only woman CAR presenter /host that's consistently stayed on top of competition.

  • Harpal Singh
    Harpal Singh


  • Bob Shah
    Bob Shah

    Kiger vs magnite must needed

  • Vijay Krishna
    Vijay Krishna

    All good, but these "crossovers" comes with "tiny" engines which doesn't do any justice to the looks and size of the car !

  • SP Mediaworks
    SP Mediaworks

    Car of the year

  • srshenoy

    No tachometer, seriously ? That would be a deal breaker for me. No dead pedal either

  • Ewans soman
    Ewans soman

    Interior looks way too much plasticky.Felt like a truck .lol

  • War Farooq
    War Farooq

    prise of kiger

  • Harikrishnan Sp
    Harikrishnan Sp

    Interior is way better than the magnite in terms of quality

  • Chandrachur Niyogi
    Chandrachur Niyogi

    they should launch the facelifted RENAULT Scenic AWD 1.6 I4 5-Dr Compact Minivan (RHD) in India!!! but it has to be priced anywhere between Rs 16.0 lakhs & Rs 26.0 lakhs!!!

  • Danish Kashaan
    Danish Kashaan

    You are getting a lot if it's priced at 5.5lacs. That's a value proposition.

  • shinsuke Nakamura
    shinsuke Nakamura

    I find almost no difference between the new kwid and this kiger from front😯

  • fate life
    fate life

    bhp is very low for this type of car mega size kwid thats what i feel as a Design engineer please change the kwid curvy shape .. engineers please improve your cosmetic outer look

  • Shrutesh Kumar
    Shrutesh Kumar

    Looks good; but the engines are too weak; maybe they can add a 1.5 engine option later.

  • Roshwin Lobo
    Roshwin Lobo

    Is it connected car?

  • Sooraj Roshan
    Sooraj Roshan

    Safety rating???

  • Sandeep singh
    Sandeep singh

    Benchmark with Nexon

  • Lucifer D
    Lucifer D

    It looks better than Nissan Magite

  • Abhijeet Dey
    Abhijeet Dey

    The tires are too skinny

  • kalyan Tamang
    kalyan Tamang

    Price please

  • dishant humane
    dishant humane

    Magnite and kiger manufacturing in same plant...

  • Darshan Bhanushali
    Darshan Bhanushali

    Nice yr car 👍👍👍👍

  • afzaal ahmed
    afzaal ahmed

    Nice looking, will be a game changer for Renault, much better looking than magnite, hope the build quality is strong

  • TheSgyro

    Exterior design looks 🔥.. The dashboard design looks 😑

  • Kiran Rocky
    Kiran Rocky

    Its look like a kwid 🙄

  • Pratham Bhatia
    Pratham Bhatia

    S cross is better, smooth and confortable

  • Paritosh Pandya
    Paritosh Pandya

    .,In place of fog lite if the logo of Renault is put by giving led light design than front looks will good. Remove the big log of Renault from the front Grill.

  • Kunal Singh
    Kunal Singh

    I have only one concern, in the unfortunate instance of a crash, the person in the rear left will bang his head straight into that air purifier. Renault needs to find a better spot, period.


    Renault seems to have lost interest in Indian Market. Once it really rocked the Indian Market by introducing the Duster which was a very good product but the Kiger just feels like a beefed up Kwid. Even the interiors don't feel as special as the Sonet. If Renault wants to stay in the game, they need to step up their game

  • Srinivasan

    Have the give it to Renault for genuine efforts rather than half hearted products

  • Abijith Muzhangil
    Abijith Muzhangil

    How can u distinguish it with ecosport?

  • Sree NivaAs BlaaZe
    Sree NivaAs BlaaZe

    No Diesel options hence 👎🏻

  • M Tejas
    M Tejas

    Overdone alloy wheels

  • Subhash Nair
    Subhash Nair

    Awesome look 👍

  • Ganesh Ks
    Ganesh Ks

    Is this the final design for production or will there be changes. Assuming NCAP testing is not done yet.

  • Malcolm Miranda
    Malcolm Miranda

    I smell a market disruptor. All the best to the Renault team❤

  • Yash Sagar
    Yash Sagar

    This kind of features upgrades must be needed in Duster

  • bhavesh date
    bhavesh date

    Everything is best in the Car . Just a Sunroof is Missing

  • Varun Bajaj
    Varun Bajaj

    Kwid + triber = kiger

  • Saurav

    nothin new..same old same old

  • Chandrasekar Rangasamy
    Chandrasekar Rangasamy

    Looks stunning, both interior and exterior 👌😍

  • Sanjeev Krishna
    Sanjeev Krishna

    If you say this renault is excelllent it should be so as you are always honest to say the negetive sides as well.


    Renault becaming game changer in the Indian auto ..market

  • Rakesh rgd
    Rakesh rgd

    First Impression is just 'WOW'!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Hope Renault improves their marketing, retail and after sales service in India

  • Gavaskar

    interior is great compared to any car in this segment

  • storm2vega

    Looks good. A bit light at 1000 kg.

  • Prajish Kollayil
    Prajish Kollayil

    Looks better and bigger than Magnite!

  • Amar

    Car is beautiful...

  • A K
    A K

    The way Autocar presented the Car's design and overall.. It gave a totally different perspective for the customers

  • desperado

    Renault should bring 1.2 ltr NA engine from Pulse and micra instead of 1 liter NA engine. And also bring back diesel with 85ps power

  • Satheesha N
    Satheesha N

    Stunning look no doubt .. Renault design team has considered all the factors for 2021 SUV , keeping Competition in mind. Only question is how strong the build is ?

  • Dikshant K.C.
    Dikshant K.C.

    Truly NISSAN MAGNITE is better than Renault Kiger.

  • pramodh b
    pramodh b

    Simply perfect product at the right time by Renault...only thing I am looking for is onroad presence.. If it scores, it will outsell others.

  • Raj Shinde
    Raj Shinde

    Sonet is gonna lose its title to this car very quickly

  • Aman kumar
    Aman kumar

    I am gonna upgrade my kwid to Kiger as soon as it launched

  • TheDark Knut
    TheDark Knut

    Wow! Love the look, especially the back!


    Fantastic Design with Low cost . Indian Market going to Boom

  • earnest viper
    earnest viper

    It's gonna be cheaper than all sub 4 meter suv's for sure.

  • Raju D
    Raju D

    Magnite is clear winner with bold look & space .

  • Ashutosh Rana
    Ashutosh Rana

    it actually looks nice. Would be nice if they can tone down the chrome on launch.

  • Aashish Devgun
    Aashish Devgun

    Well packaged product.👍👌

  • aaron noronha
    aaron noronha

    If they get the pricing right... Then they have a winner... That accessory list is super..

  • coolsand

    Everything looks good.. except the name ‘kiger’ sounds little weird

  • Faith Biete
    Faith Biete

    I really like the looks of this car.

  • B.M. Nihaal
    B.M. Nihaal

    Honestly I feel Hyundai Venue and kia sonet prices are hefty

  • Swaroop Chavan
    Swaroop Chavan

    Everything looks good just hoping the build quality is as good as the looks...thts whr Renault fails

  • Ajay Ganesh
    Ajay Ganesh

    Okay so Renault have clearly outdone their cousin Nissan which itself outdid every other compact suv. The features are even better and the Kiger has basically improved on whatever was not very likeable about the magnite. That driver info screen looks so much better than the anime style graphics on the magnite and the overall styling is much more sharper than the already decently stylish magnite.

  • Xulfi Nawaz
    Xulfi Nawaz

    Renault makes stylish but light cars. good for mileage but bad for safety

  • Jit Nayak
    Jit Nayak

    Kiger is very sporty🔥🔥

  • rohit arora
    rohit arora

    Good and different product

  • Subraanshu Singh
    Subraanshu Singh

    It's a good looking car honestly.

  • Material

    Game changer for Renault ...

  • Febin Mathew
    Febin Mathew

    I feel that Renault Kiger will become threat to Nissan Magnite

  • Harshit Shrivastava
    Harshit Shrivastava

    Tata nexon should borrow the instrument cluster from this.

  • Suryabhan Yadav
    Suryabhan Yadav

    Renault seems much better than Maruti in designing the car models. This suv is one of the best in India in term of looks in current period.

  • Vipul Dixit
    Vipul Dixit

    No sunroof. That would be a disappointment for majority of new buyers. Those who are looking for a style statement and loaded with features. What do you think?


    Rear ❤️ ❤️❤️

  • Anik Roy
    Anik Roy

    The interior and exterior both look like a more upmarket kwid imo

  • Salman Momin
    Salman Momin

    After doing one year gym kwid became Kiger

  • Ganesh

    I think Nissan magnite looks better

  • mir shahid
    mir shahid

    Good attempt by renault...

  • Nainesh Patel
    Nainesh Patel

    Very stylish

  • Radap Yab Camdir
    Radap Yab Camdir

    Is booking open ?

  • Lushabh Saxena
    Lushabh Saxena

    It's a sharply dressed car. Wow, if it is a safe car as well then it's even better.

  • Jap Chhina
    Jap Chhina

    They shud hav given fog lamps below the headlight unit.. That black space below headlight looks empty.

  • mathotmi jajo
    mathotmi jajo

    Wheel cladding is too large. That's all my only complaint

  • Raikanto Penny
    Raikanto Penny

    I feel that the rear seat height could be heightened by a couple of inches with that massive head room and rather high window line.

  • Prashant Pandey
    Prashant Pandey

    Kudos to Renault! What a beauty they have created , so what if it has resemblance with Kwid . Kwid in itself has the best design in the segment it competes. Now only thing I will be waiting for global NCAP crash test results and if it manages to score a decent 4 , m going for this one as my second car. Great walk around RENUKA 👍🙏😎

  • alang aier
    alang aier

    Bigger kwid

  • Royal Weddingz
    Royal Weddingz

    Dashboard doesn't looks good

  • Mithran A
    Mithran A

    Front : renault kwid Side : nissan kicks Back : nissan magnite and kis sonet Copied version of these cars

  • suraj doijode
    suraj doijode

    Will be costlier than magnite for sure

  • Amogh .K
    Amogh .K

    So it’s just an twin of nissan magnite

  • Gaurav Mazumdar
    Gaurav Mazumdar

    Very well thought... great work by Renault Engineering team... Goodbye to Maruti

  • Shan Shane Varikkattu
    Shan Shane Varikkattu

    If anyone knows the name of the background track please let me know. :)

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