2021 Jawa Forty Two review - What's new on the 'new' Jawa Forty Two? | First Ride | Autocar India
The Jawa Forty Two gets an update for 2021 and beyond. Rishaad Mody runs you through the changes and tells you what the revised Jawa is like.
Video shot on Sony Alpha 7 III.
​#Jawa #SonyAlphaIn​ #SonyIndia​
0:00 - Introduction
0:41 - 2021 Jawa 42 alloy wheels and design
1:43 - 2021 Jawa 42 colours
1:55 - 2021 Jawa 42 added features
2:10 - 2021 Jawa 42 updates
3:29 - 2021 Jawa 42 performance
3:50 - 2021 Jawa 42 exhaust
3:58 - 2021 Jawa 42 handling
4:22 - 2021 Jawa 42 seat height and comfort
4:44 - 2021 Jawa 42 ride experience
5:06 - 2021 Jawa 42 price and verdict
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  • Jitendra Solanki
    Jitendra Solanki

    Nice style of bike

  • Shivam vats
    Shivam vats

    The reviewer looks odd while sitting on this, bike. I guess for tall riders not something one would find easy. Though the bike looks dope.

  • Prithish Gupta
    Prithish Gupta

    Glad I waited for the alloy speck Jawa, now I'm booking this.. but I don't think I will let my 1976 RE 500 go.

  • toton gharami
    toton gharami

    Nice bike............ good luck....

  • gopaliitm

    Very good review sir❤️ Which one should be better buying between jawa42 2.1 vs highness cb350. I m confused between above two bike as both bikes price are at same price level. I m 5'5" height and body weight is 60kg, so I m comfortable on both bike. Feedback from utuber is that engine refinement is not up to mark of jawa42, but hawa 42 2.1 hv improvement. Pl provide ur feedback which one will hv better buy.

  • sourav saha
    sourav saha

    Excellent review

  • Chiranjit Bhattacharjee
    Chiranjit Bhattacharjee

    @AutoCar_India PLEASE BRING A PROPER COMPARISON BETWEEN THIS NEW BS6 JAWA CLASSIC 42, Honda Highness 350, Royal Enfield Meteor and BS6 New BENELLI IMPERIALLE #Autocar #Autocar_India

  • Chandan Agn
    Chandan Agn

    Amazing styling

  • S'Ankur Chatterjee
    S'Ankur Chatterjee

    Beautiful looking

  • Madhu Krishna Yella
    Madhu Krishna Yella

    I am using jawa 42 from last 7 months Pros: 1.pickup of the bike 2.stylish looks 3.seating position 4.no vibration upto 90kmh Cons 1.over heat on city rides 2.worst ground clearance 3.mileage (20 on city and 25 on highway) 4.worst service centre( its change according to your place)

  • Aliz _
    Aliz _

    This will eat the Legacy of Royal Enfield 😂👍❤️😍

  • Rajesh kondapalli
    Rajesh kondapalli

    Jawa is better than re clasic 350 different looks performance

  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh

    Just out competes all bikes the segment as far as design goes.

  • sourav saha
    sourav saha

    Excellent review

  • Sumit K
    Sumit K

    Bike for legends

  • Mohammed Shaik
    Mohammed Shaik

    How about the seat comfort?

  • Vvs Harsha
    Vvs Harsha

    Made all the upgrades which i am looking for and i i switch from RE to JAWA

  • Hk


  • TwoWheelLife

    Just wow

  • Kishore Sagar
    Kishore Sagar

    I love you jawa


    Red one isn't so eye catching, but the White and the black one , both are lit 🔥

  • Sanjay Hans
    Sanjay Hans

    Ye Konsa Road Hai

  • GS Mahesh
    GS Mahesh

    This jawa 42 2.1 also will fail like jawa Perak because there is no proper petrol indicator,gear indicator how would we do long riding and touring without petrol information..

  • Girish sk
    Girish sk

    Alloy wheel, the best thing they have done, previous spoke wheels had lot of puncture prob

  • Girish sk
    Girish sk

    Only thing is bike looks tiny

  • anil bhardwaj
    anil bhardwaj

    What is your height Sir?

  • Bilesh Kadam
    Bilesh Kadam

    One suggestion to jawa to come up with an clip on handle bars for jawa 42 I am sure it will change the entire posture and look positively. Try it out @jawa

  • Soupatra Sarkar
    Soupatra Sarkar


  • the mysterious
    the mysterious

    This neo retro hype can't die this quick We need to keep it going until the end of the decade

  • Dhiya's Corner
    Dhiya's Corner

    Could you please do a comparison video between Jawa 42 2.1 and Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

  • Abhilash Soni
    Abhilash Soni


  • Kiran M R
    Kiran M R

    Make jawa like California jawa That looks awesome

  • akhil reddy
    akhil reddy

    Seems like you must be near to Lavasa😉... Most of the videos are recorded here

  • Prajanya Sharma
    Prajanya Sharma

    I hope Royal Enfield will do something to maintain the Legendary image of Classic 350/500, I won't be able to manage any bad new for it.

  • Behind the clue
    Behind the clue

    rear fendor and tail light look odd...

  • R P
    R P

    Dear Autocar ..What is the height of the rider in the video.

  • Shuvankar Mondal
    Shuvankar Mondal

    Is there any upgradation on Jawa perak?

  • vs b
    vs b

    It looks small bike ,if it was a bigger bike definitely it will hit the class

  • Deep Truth Channel DTC
    Deep Truth Channel DTC

    Really nice looking bike.

  • PRD

    The bike is gorgeous in white. Also, keep the overall looks, slim down and shorten the rear fender, overhaul the console, give it a more refined parallel twin engine, double the power & torque figures, price it around 3 lakhs and this thing will smoke the RE interceptor 650 on Indian roads. Of course all of it is provided more showrooms are opened, quality and availability of service centers is uplifted and spares are readily available.

  • Arun Rajendran
    Arun Rajendran

    Meteor Vs 42🔥

  • Sreeram S R
    Sreeram S R

    It's a beginner friendly bike

  • Barath Iraiyarul
    Barath Iraiyarul

    That is by far the best color scheme I have seen on a bike 😍🔥

  • Debankur Baruah
    Debankur Baruah

    The bike needs higher ground clearance

  • Amiya

    Best bike to go for in Modern Classics in this price range

  • Amiya

    Best review among all, crisp and clear, and covered everything.

  • Ravikiran G
    Ravikiran G

    Jawa, give an option of split seat like in RE classic for long touring.

  • Suyog Joshi
    Suyog Joshi

    Off topic but can someone tell me where this is shot?

  • Raj Kamal
    Raj Kamal

    White And Black ..🔥

  • Tushar Anand
    Tushar Anand

    But Enfield is Enfield ❤️ What's say all RE fans?

  • Purna Waikhom99
    Purna Waikhom99

    This bike is the best in it's segment n it provides with 6 gears 🤩🤩🤩👍😍

  • Sojesh K. S
    Sojesh K. S

    Only the headlight is good rest all even the alloy is just waste.. Alloys has to suit the bikes too or else don't make it sorry to say..... Just my opinion. All time favorite is jawa 42 old one perfect in all way.

  • Kartik Siva
    Kartik Siva

    Looking like Yamaha rd350...

  • Sobo T
    Sobo T

    Waiting for jawa scramble 42.❤️

  • kosti narain
    kosti narain

    Looks much better than the red option

  • Raju

    It's looking good but in the deep turnings the dual smoke exaster might touch the road and it may lead to accidents

  • rahul singh
    rahul singh

    it has centre stand ?

  • Aditya Grover
    Aditya Grover

    2:11 that exhaust is millimeters away from crashing into the road. Can't do proper leaning on the bike i guess.

  • Zed Warrior
    Zed Warrior

    Does the old Galactic green Jawa 42 have same upgrades like these new ones? In BS6 versions?

  • Dara Dileepkumar
    Dara Dileepkumar

    Superb ...Legends choice

  • Kamal Choudhury
    Kamal Choudhury

    They still did not fix the seat.... its so cramped for a tall rider. Such a shame.

  • Torquebeast 650
    Torquebeast 650

    It looks fab in Red color , will be a head turner among thumpers i wish they took care of quality issues and this will sell like hotcakes


    Please please please compare this bike with royal Enfield meteor

  • Punarva Barthwal
    Punarva Barthwal

    Someone's trying to evolve. That's definitely for good. A commendable attempt by Jawa.

  • mithinga brahma
    mithinga brahma

    Now , I can go for Jawa 42 .

  • Md Faiz Islam
    Md Faiz Islam

    Bike is damn👌👌

  • Nithin Cleetus
    Nithin Cleetus

    New jawa look awesome bt the seat should have changed atleast

  • Chungus Khan
    Chungus Khan

    Great camera work. Really loved it

  • Vaishakh P chandran
    Vaishakh P chandran

    Mini Harley Davidson

  • Scarcasm Silly
    Scarcasm Silly

    Either he is too tall or the bike is too short

  • Abbey C
    Abbey C

    Looks stunning, I like the white color the best, the alloy wheels going very well, it stands out from all in this segment. Only the instrument cluster and the rear mudguard need a revision! I loved it personally!! Java has set the benchmark, let’s see what the other competitors has to offer for us in months to come!!😊😊

  • Sagar Narayana
    Sagar Narayana

    Looks just wow...

  • Priyank Mohan
    Priyank Mohan

    Company should redesign the speedometer.

  • Shaurya Sharma
    Shaurya Sharma

    The black color variant should come with tan seats just like perak.

  • Gurkirat Singh
    Gurkirat Singh

    Looks the best and performs the best! More power and success to Jawa. This is what listening to fans and customers really means.

  • Aviroop Das
    Aviroop Das

    What's the ground clearance on this bike?

  • EL Professor
    EL Professor

    Now i like the paint job

  • yashvanthan ragavan
    yashvanthan ragavan

    RE, Jawa, honda , classic bikes on fight mode waiting for yamaha entry

  • Prudhwiraj B
    Prudhwiraj B

    Those alloys and color is the main attraction but they need to increase the ground clearance its too low ,the legs position is 90 degree it doesn't feel like cruiser ,whatever they need to change the cluster its totally reverse at high speed we can't see them properly ,highness and classic are still better.

  • hardik chhasatia
    hardik chhasatia

    Why won't they change the exhaust noise? It sounds like a moped right now, it would be a huge plus if they can give a good exhaust noise


    Love 🔥

  • Shivam dutt tiwari roll no 37 ip
    Shivam dutt tiwari roll no 37 ip

    If Autocar india is reading this, please suggest if I should exchange my current jawa with this, I bought my jawa in early November 2019 😅

  • Lalit Kumar
    Lalit Kumar

    2:11 silencer almost touched the road.

  • Ayushman Das
    Ayushman Das

    Will company offer alloy on the chrome finish 42's ?

  • Akhil P
    Akhil P

    ❤❤ jawa 42

  • Pinak Pani
    Pinak Pani

    At last Jawa has listen to their old customers feedback 👍

  • sourav saha
    sourav saha

    Excellent review

  • Yauyau Tonsing
    Yauyau Tonsing

    Except for the rear fender

  • ArkoPravo ghosh
    ArkoPravo ghosh

    Classic me alloy kab ane wala hey. Uske liye ruka huu...

  • Extreme Enigma
    Extreme Enigma

    Man the bike looks so small next to him

  • Abhishek Dhibar
    Abhishek Dhibar

    Tops it's competition overall. In looks beats evrything and the engine is also good

  • Wheeler

    until the height of the bike goes up... people will not show interest in buying... The same happened to Bajaj's V

  • Simran Singh Bhullar
    Simran Singh Bhullar

    Front looks reminiscent of the street rod 750. Good move considering Harley exit India😉

  • Viraj Sapkal
    Viraj Sapkal

    Which bike is better Java 42 or Royal Enfield Meteor ?

  • Yash Nimbalkar
    Yash Nimbalkar

    meteor enters the chat

  • It's All About Satya
    It's All About Satya

    Looks like small bike for kids..

  • Manjunatha M S
    Manjunatha M S

    Better looking than RE 350xx...

  • Son Of Mountains
    Son Of Mountains

    Killers looks🔥🔥🔥Well done Java. Make in India🇮🇳

  • A Akhil
    A Akhil

    certainly looks rad!

  • Anurag Manjhi
    Anurag Manjhi

    This or Highness?

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