Land Rover Defender review - The India test | First Drive | Autocar India
Hormazd Sorabjee was blown away by the all-new Land Rover Defender's abilities over a driving adventure in desolate Namibia last year. Can the Defender prove equally impressive in the chaos of India?
Video shot on Sony Alpha 7 III.
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0:00 - Introduction
1:45 - Land Rover Defender dimensions & design
2:32 - Land Rover Defender 2021 interior
3:25 - Land Rover Defender 2021 7 seater
5:59 - Land Rover Defender 2021 performance
6:44 - Land Rover Defender 110 ride and handling
8:28 - Land Rover Defender 2021 off-road
10:24 - Land Rover Defender 2021 price and verdict
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  • Abhinay Tharwal
    Abhinay Tharwal

    "chances are, you're gonna be chauffeur driven" - no no no, that's just blasphemous...

  • Its_EvAnDeR

    Waiting for the day when evander (me) will hv the defender 🥺🔥

  • Sanchit Nagrale
    Sanchit Nagrale

    What a Machine!!! G63 watching defender from long. 🤭 LR never disappoints ❤️❤️

  • ESHAN Jadhav
    ESHAN Jadhav

    Didn't know that he was driving in my neighbourhood 🥺 Did not get a chance to see the car 😔

  • narottam Panda
    narottam Panda

    When disel model for India ?

  • vivek goldsmith
    vivek goldsmith

    My best vedio...when u were in Namibia..awesome...u described pretty well..technically sound.

  • Chetan11

    Now put it against LC200, Wrangler, G63 & Thar

  • Hindustan EK Hai
    Hindustan EK Hai

    The defender is a superb SUV Toyota Land Cruiser is highly over rated and over priced SUV

  • shalin modi
    shalin modi

    Stunning departure angle. Rear tyres are kept at farthest end.

  • John George
    John George

    Love your content. Could you guys review old classic Indian cars too?

  • Tikeswar Hembram
    Tikeswar Hembram


  • Shivansh MTD
    Shivansh MTD

    Undoubtedly a Dream Vehicle. A car that can pack full family, can munch miles, is unstoppable whatever the roads be, and is surprisingly luxurious as well !

  • Pranav R P
    Pranav R P


  • Soumyajit mohanty
    Soumyajit mohanty

    Omg the car is .. RR ur the best

  • vonteri ajaykrishnareddy
    vonteri ajaykrishnareddy

    Defender can handle any terrain with ease

  • vonteri ajaykrishnareddy
    vonteri ajaykrishnareddy

    Van zeils pass is and extreme tough terrain

  • vonteri ajaykrishnareddy
    vonteri ajaykrishnareddy

    They hav done it in namibia on van zeil’s pass extreme off road forget kodachadri hill

  • AA AA
    AA AA

    For 4×4 ll prefer to go with force or thar, way too expensive

  • Vineeth Vish
    Vineeth Vish

    This is a 110 version 90 is the real Defender

  • Debabrata Bandyopadhyay
    Debabrata Bandyopadhyay

    Uff......just from an alien planet. Salute JLR...

  • gaganpreet singh
    gaganpreet singh


  • suhas

    2L engine with 5.5km/L milage is just bad for the environment

  • Bumba Clat
    Bumba Clat

    I’ve driven this, honestly just buy it

  • Bumba Clat
    Bumba Clat

    Thank you TATA Motors this car is legendary

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar

    Best bit starts at 8:30!

  • sattish duli
    sattish duli

    Please auto car, do review the Bronco

  • mahesh patil
    mahesh patil

    Last bits of the video really gave me goose bumps... hell it did a wheely like a bike

  • vignesh shine
    vignesh shine

    I am waiting for new Fortuner 2021 review pls review fast i am waiting

  • Utkarsh Agrawal
    Utkarsh Agrawal

    compare defender with g63 amg

  • Kunal Kubal
    Kunal Kubal

    9.35 onwards was the Best part, enjoyed the offloading capabilities of this best Hormazd sir you must enjoyed the most😊👌🏻

  • Mau G
    Mau G

    Did I see an electric Defender version somewhere? Pretty intense

  • Mau G
    Mau G

    Long live Sahyadri Mountains Maharashtra

  • surendar thirugnanam
    surendar thirugnanam

    It even thrilled the likes of Harmazd , look at the smile in his face ,i never saw him as excited as this , that's what defender does to you, brilliant review Sir Hats off

  • Vikas Zutshi
    Vikas Zutshi



    land rover physics is awesome

  • Abhimanyu Kohli
    Abhimanyu Kohli

    What a beast!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Love it's taillights.. together, they look like a constellation!! 😍😍😍

  • Rahul A N
    Rahul A N

    Need a OFF-ROAD comparison between DEFENDER vs G-WAGON vs WRANGLER.

  • aiyeswareyan k
    aiyeswareyan k

    I wish for a ev defender

  • Yash Chouhan
    Yash Chouhan

    Swim up rivers,sprint up sand dunes, eat rocks for breakfast! Waah! Automobiles ka Rajnikanth ✌️😅

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    The Defender from the rear has a bit of a Hummer look to it. Maybe it's just me

  • LordTechPro

    3:33 I had the exact same reaction 😂😂😂 Buy the Discovery if you want any semblance of a third row (even the smaller Discovery Sport has more space)

  • Vedant Nagare
    Vedant Nagare

    The Real BEAST 😍🔥🔥

  • Basit Alam
    Basit Alam

    That's so nice that guys have covered each areas of this car. Just wow for you work guys👌

  • Mayur Narayan
    Mayur Narayan

    This is an actual SUV

  • Lalin Pant
    Lalin Pant

    My Dream Car Land Rover Discovery ❤️

  • Deepankar Khunnu
    Deepankar Khunnu

    Hope the Grenadier makes it to our country.

  • Sachin Babu
    Sachin Babu

    Iam watching this show for almost 3 years and i know his behaviors . I never saw that smile he puts out @ 10.25. 😂😂😂

  • Gursheesh Singh
    Gursheesh Singh

    Do a comparison between the Landcruiser and Defender.

  • Sourav Choudhary
    Sourav Choudhary

    Thank God that third row seating is optional because this beast doesn't want third row seats ,, third row can be a big boot space for luggage

  • દુષ્યંત ચારણ
    દુષ્યંત ચારણ

    It is not defender, it is attacker !!

  • Pattathil RamKumar
    Pattathil RamKumar

    It does more than the G Wagon, amazing car

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    Land Rover is Land Rover for a reason. It does what no other SUV can.

  • Anamika Das Bhattacharyya
    Anamika Das Bhattacharyya

    Which one will be better the petrol or the diesel for better off-road experience ?

  • Deepak Suresh
    Deepak Suresh

    My Dream Car😍

  • Deepak Suresh
    Deepak Suresh

    Amazing Car Amazing Review 😀


    Video of Skoda Superb 2021 please 🙏

  • veeresh veeresh
    veeresh veeresh

    Can u try offroad on kodachadri hill that will show the capabality of car

  • Sarvesh Sunkara
    Sarvesh Sunkara

    If only it was a little more affordable, at this price mostly out of reach. Many of us will miss the Legend.

  • Prabha Amar
    Prabha Amar

    Come in this tata bring out your off-road to compete with Thar 😉 @tataindia #tataindia


    Exterior as I had reviewed is great, but the interior and the driving experience was a serious turn-off for me. Defender was high on my orderlist, but finally decided to go for Mercedes Gwagon only.

  • aji ticket
    aji ticket

    My dream car❤️❤️❤️


    Well no sense of buying in 2 litre....don't know why they don't give good options of engine in Indian Market

  • Jerine Jose
    Jerine Jose


  • Joseph Martini
    Joseph Martini

    Autocar gives the best car reviews i have ever seen

  • Jyotsna Bajpai Bajpai
    Jyotsna Bajpai Bajpai

    But Defender is not as good as Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

  • Shamith B.S
    Shamith B.S

    I've waited so long for autocar india to review this car. Thank you so much guys

  • Minaal Naik
    Minaal Naik

    Was eagerly waiting for this video 😃😃.

  • Priyank Mohan
    Priyank Mohan

    There's no Direct competitor in any segment whatsoever to this ultimate driving beauty. I might buy one for myself one day .

  • The G
    The G

    This is not a car... It's a tank, ready for war.

  • Prasanna Khakre
    Prasanna Khakre

    Buying this one!

  • Sabūr Ali Khan
    Sabūr Ali Khan

    300hp...🤔 Impressive for 2 litre engine But not for 2 ton car 😂😂😂

  • Yash Sheth
    Yash Sheth

    An unexplainable emotion🙂

  • manik choudhary
    manik choudhary

    it's a really good discovery and maybe not so much defender .

  • Ashish Gohad
    Ashish Gohad

    Not better than audi rs Q8

  • Sabūr Ali Khan
    Sabūr Ali Khan

    I will buy this over GLS for sure 😁!!!

  • shahin ms
    shahin ms

    As the name indicates its really a DEFENDER..😎

  • Tanishq Gore
    Tanishq Gore

    Eat rocks for breakfast 😁👌👌

  • Jgplayb Jgplayv
    Jgplayb Jgplayv

    Very cool



  • Ahzam Khan
    Ahzam Khan


  • Prateek Sharma
    Prateek Sharma

    This is not a is an emotion 😁

New Land Rover SUV Defender 90 P300
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