Skoda Kushaq prototype drive - The Seltos and Creta fighter worth waiting for | Autocar India
The Skoda Kushaq SUV will be the first model under the Volkswagen Group's ambitious India 2.0 programme. While the Skoda Kushaq's launch is scheduled for mid-2021, Renuka Kirpalani got to drive a prototype a few days ago to tell you what to expect on Skoda India's made-for-India SUV.
0:00 Introduction
0:32 Vision IN
1:11 Skoda Vision In engines
1:53 Skoda Kushaq on road
2:34 Skoda Kushaq 1.5 TSI
3:15 Skoda Kushaq dimensions
3:56 Skoda Kushaq price
4:19 Skoda Kushaq safety features
#SkodaKushaq #SkodaVisionIn # SUV
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  • anurag kumar
    anurag kumar

    PRICE is the keyword....😅

  • Rinku Swarup
    Rinku Swarup

    Waiting for this 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shameem Iqbal
    Shameem Iqbal

    Shouldn't be priced with t roc or taigun

  • D and J Consultants
    D and J Consultants

    It’s look very much like Kamiq !

  • Your Friend
    Your Friend

    My next beast!!! Definitely

  • Reddy Vedvyas
    Reddy Vedvyas

    selling cost and maintenance cost decide this Skoda fate

  • SN Z
    SN Z

    Nice colour

  • Nester Dsilva
    Nester Dsilva

    My Beautiful South Goa 😍😍. Thank you Autocar

  • Senthamil Selvan
    Senthamil Selvan

    Petrol manual?

  • Niranjan Raju
    Niranjan Raju

    Woah! It could be a hit in Indian market if it's aggressively priced like the seltos!

  • Kural Selvan
    Kural Selvan

    Is it come under sub four meter car segment?

  • Shravan V
    Shravan V

    Will it have virtual cockpit and panoramic sunroof??

  • ananthkrishnanr

    Is 1.5tsi engine same as the one on skoda karoq or this is new one for kushaq

  • Asish Lohit
    Asish Lohit

    Smooth gear transmission, Wheel size looks small, door handle looks different from the concept vision in , aesthetics ,10.1 infotainment system? not sure , good thigh support??, no rear seat bump for the 3rd passenger?, Looking forward for the launch

  • Varun Srinivas
    Varun Srinivas

    Should I buy the seltos?

  • MAHI Bro
    MAHI Bro

    Who is waiting for Tata Safari review from Autocar 💯💯

  • Sanjib Kumar Rout
    Sanjib Kumar Rout

    Really loved this car❤️❤️❤️

  • Yilmaz Yunus
    Yilmaz Yunus

    Excellent video. And top car from Skoda. We are eagerly waiting for lunch.

  • Bàlá SP
    Bàlá SP

    Is 1 litre TSI engine is enough for such a big car ?

  • Rushi Jagani
    Rushi Jagani

    Will kushaq compete with Kia sonet or with its bigger rivals seltos and creta. Coz if it's launching around 20lakh then I will book sonet today or else would wait till March. Please let me know

  • Ricky G
    Ricky G

    If it is 9-11lakh on-road, it is a hit. Otherwise it has no chance.

  • Shubham Umbarkar
    Shubham Umbarkar

    Maintenance is the key to success.

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh

    But still Creta Diesel is ❤️

  • HEAvEn RIdeR!!AbbY
    HEAvEn RIdeR!!AbbY


  • Gc Racer
    Gc Racer

    I really was expecting them to bring the Kamiq. But this is different. I hope this is at least as big as the Creta. The build and interiors will definitely be the best in the segment. Eagerly waiting to see it in the flesh.

  • Arick Gidwani
    Arick Gidwani

    But I like it

  • A A
    A A

    Which is this location?

  • ks vaidy
    ks vaidy

    Skoda is absolutely right in launching kushaq with all safety features. Person buying entry level trim life is no way lesser than the one buying top variant. Its the right way of to enter the market. None of the competition is providing safety as compared to what kushaq offers in this variant.

  • Deepak Renjith
    Deepak Renjith

    1.5 l DSG for a Creta doubt this will outride any other cars in this segment in performance

  • mayank mani
    mayank mani

    Price it below creta/seltos and we have a winner.

  • shariff shoaib
    shariff shoaib

    Should be launch at agressive pricing like magnite. As per me it should start on road 10 lakhs only then it will sustain

  • harshavardhan mohite
    harshavardhan mohite

    apart from pricing of urban SUV's of skoda they are usually the best overall package one can get of luxury,asthetics and utility in Indian market..

  • Amit Mishra
    Amit Mishra

    Loving the way Skoda is marketing this! Never seen before

  • Rajiv Soni
    Rajiv Soni

    The best but the most under rated cars are from Skoda. May it be Yeti, Superb, Rapid, Karoq or Octavia. Hit like if you also feel so.

  • sunil

    We want similar video on Xuv500

  • The Goan Dentist
    The Goan Dentist

    Video shot in Goa... nice👌👍

  • Avinash Venkata
    Avinash Venkata

    Emperor in Sanskrit! I like it!

  • Hardtalkbbc

    I m skodAs next customer provided they price it with sanity

  • tanuj singh
    tanuj singh

    It's better to launch earlier because people can't wait anymore

  • Tech Brainiac తెలుగు
    Tech Brainiac తెలుగు

    What would be the price range?

  • Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur

    I love the shape of this car. Looks like some segment is going to have a tough competition

  • harsh patel
    harsh patel

    Would it be offered in CNG as kamiq?

  • Sandeep Ladoia
    Sandeep Ladoia

    Without diesel can.t servive

  • Anvith Reddy
    Anvith Reddy

    Can we Expect a 6 speed MT for 1.5TSI

  • abhijit joshi
    abhijit joshi

    Kushaq is a Sanskrit word.

  • stone heart jade
    stone heart jade

    First of its kind review with the Prototype car.great revolution.

  • Pradeep m.s.
    Pradeep m.s.

    Why not same European cars locally made. Looks like total compromise in build and safety

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar

    Looks like a compact SUV and will compete with Kia Sonet and Hyundai Venue but not with Seltos and Creata

  • Ram Manohar
    Ram Manohar

    Nothing can beat Seltos in value for money.

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh

    The best part was skoda looking for feedback from the professionals, well done Team Skoda. Atleast something New we saw & heard happening for the first time ! Skoda might just nail with Kushaq with 92+% localisation, hope the fit & build remains of Skoda and they will see good numbers !

  • sakshi kashyap
    sakshi kashyap

    Google is showing Mar 19 will be launch date for VW Taigun !! Is this true !! Any idea when Taigun will launch

  • dan 2001
    dan 2001

    Pricing...a no brainer. .. Surely will be a couple lacs expensive in any varient than a creta. Seltos ...probably close to Harrier that is much bigger

  • Swarnava Chatterjee
    Swarnava Chatterjee

    @skoda guys are serious about i Indian market. First time a prototype gets featured by an eminent autojournalist.

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money

    Price is the key

  • Harish Handigol
    Harish Handigol

    If it retains the look of the concept car, I'm going to trade in my Polo for Kushaq.... ❤️

  • Arnov Sarkar
    Arnov Sarkar

    Should be safer and more driveable than Korean Toy Cars - Kia Seltos & Hyundai Creta

  • Sakshat Betkekar
    Sakshat Betkekar

    Looks promising 😍

  • Moulik Shrivastava
    Moulik Shrivastava


  • Jagdish Rajurkar
    Jagdish Rajurkar

    MH20😍 it’s assembled in my city ‘Aurangabad’

  • hey there!
    hey there!

    Renuka ji, follow your all vlogs and you really have nice presentation skills, crisp and clear information!

  • Mitka

    Skoda changing the game with this color scheme

  • Review & Opinion
    Review & Opinion

    Camouflaged short review!!....A First for Autocar!!....Shows the nervousness of Skoda India,they must have pushed for it to test waters. My advice to Skoda....No matter how good u make it,don't expect more than 3000 units average sales(after initial euphoria has died down).So price it Accordingly,undercutting Seltos won't help much.BTW I am getting one no matter wat price, because this is only affordable worthy vehicle which I can upgrade to from my Polo GT TSI

  • YouTube channel
    YouTube channel

    Finally a European brand which has come into senses and is giving what Indian customers want. Good luck Skoda

  • Smooth Interceptor
    Smooth Interceptor

    I want Kushaq to kick both creta seltos twin hard

  • Amit Srivastava
    Amit Srivastava

    Wow I like that you have the camo car. Wonder what would happen if the camo came off. I mean why not?

  • Aadil Shahir
    Aadil Shahir

    If this car is rightly priced and with as many features as the legends in business ryt now -the Seltos and Creta , then this one’s a winner for Skoda in the Indian market..✌️

  • Akshay Deshmukh
    Akshay Deshmukh

    We need a panoramic sunroof!

  • Thiteera Vignesh Ponanna
    Thiteera Vignesh Ponanna

    Done! My next car.... was waiting just for this.... I literally did hold my horses with all the other options in this segment.... Thank you Skoda..... I am your next customer....

  • Mohammed Azhar
    Mohammed Azhar

    Unprecedented in automotive journalism.. first time I have seen video review of the test mule of any car major. Well thought out strategy, Skoda-VW have serious intentions for our Indian market.. 👍🏻 👍🏻

  • Laingamba Chirom
    Laingamba Chirom

    Hope its bigger

  • Vishal Joishy
    Vishal Joishy

    They have chosen a cool name.

  • Anjeesh Vaidya
    Anjeesh Vaidya

    Really hope skoda gets an all black interior and some amazing set of alloys.....waiting to buy this

  • Kavitha Vernekar
    Kavitha Vernekar

    Please make a video on vw taigun


    Although it's a car specifically made for India, I hope they don't compromise on the build quality that they are famous for.

  • Vikas Nimmagadda
    Vikas Nimmagadda

    Not many manufacturers, even the most volume drivers, have offerings in this segment. I really appreciate a company like Skoda aiming to enter this segment with progressive steps untill now. Needless to say, content like this is expected from journalists.

  • umaira

    Skoda must have thought... enough with the spy shots already. Let's call the journalists and make it official.

  • Ramasamy Aathekkan Edward Jayakumary
    Ramasamy Aathekkan Edward Jayakumary

    This car needs a powerful diesel ,otherwise it can't face competition....

  • Ubaid Ahmed Siddiqui
    Ubaid Ahmed Siddiqui

    MH-20 : Aurangabad

  • Sarthak Chawla
    Sarthak Chawla

    Autocar kinda raised the bar here ❤️

  • Anup Talekar
    Anup Talekar

    All depends on the launch price !Rest we all know Skoda cars are amazing !

  • Sameer Sharma
    Sameer Sharma

    Skoda put the service costs transparently like Ford India does

  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh

    Just tell us it's 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder. Please

  • Anant Kumar
    Anant Kumar

    Why 1 liter TSI ?? Won't it be underpowered for such a big car ??

  • Kunal Paygude
    Kunal Paygude

    Wheels are smaller on this car...not impressive...🙁🙁

  • suhail Abdul
    suhail Abdul

    Does it have paddle shifters for dsg transmission and sunroofs also where to give feedback

  • Ameya Bakre
    Ameya Bakre

    This is a great initiative by Skoda.. This should be the SOP for other car M/F's..

  • pranav kadam
    pranav kadam

    what about service costs

  • Kedar N
    Kedar N

    What kind of marketing strategy ? To reduce the sales of competitors 😂

  • Shiv Vashishtha Bhargava
    Shiv Vashishtha Bhargava

    An all-out winner if it is priced correctly and we have a plethora of options! That should be the case with 3 transmissions and two engines! The Kushaq will battle with the Seltos and Creta! The DSG may help people to go for a Kushaq, can Skoda further strengthen the reliability of the brand and post-sales service for people to happily come in for Skoda's? Skoda should start like a Nexa type venture as MG Shield, Hyundai, Kia and everyone else offers a lot of support!?

  • sachin mb
    sachin mb

    Brilliant move by Skoda. 🔥

  • vineeth mutt
    vineeth mutt

    AKA Skoda Kamiq

  • Autoinfy - The Cars Book
    Autoinfy - The Cars Book

    Nice Information with camouflage! Good strategy by skoda..thanks ACI 😊

  • Devdershan J
    Devdershan J

    No AWD ☹️

  • Hari Krishna
    Hari Krishna

    Would have done wonders if there was diesel engine on offer

  • SARA Jeeva
    SARA Jeeva

    Price is the key to Success

  • Aravind S
    Aravind S

    Mmm beige interior....nice touch skoda👍👍

  • sanjeev suhag
    sanjeev suhag

    What about CNG KUSHAQ??

  • Saravana selvaraj
    Saravana selvaraj

    Bye bye seltos, creta & breeza,, only market leader is vw taigun & skoda kushaq


    Can someone please tell me regarding maintenance and service of skoda cars in Delhi. Is it very high as compared to other brands?

  • Shubham Srivastava
    Shubham Srivastava

    Autocar Being KUSHAQ in Car reviews.

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