2021 Citroen C5 Aircross review - French revolution? | First Drive | Autocar India
French carmaker Citroen is driving into India with the C5 Aircross. What’s this new brand and its first model for India all about? Renuka Kirpalani gives the details in her Citroen C5 Aircross review.
Cameraperson: Anand Malepu
Editor: Mohit Sharma
Video shot on Sony Alpha 7 III.
#CitroenIndia #SonyAlphaIn #SonyIndia
0:00 - Introduction
0:10 - Citroen C5 Aircross India
0:40 - C5 Aircross dimensions and styling
1:34 - Citroen C5 Aircross interior
3:33 - Citroen C5 Aircross features
4:22 - Citroen C5 Aircross boot
4:43 - Citroen C5 Aircross rear seat
6:23 - Citroen C5 Aircross suspension
7:35 - Citroen C5 Aircross performance
9:26 - Citroen C5 Aircross handling
10:54 - Citroen C5 Aircross price
11:15 - Citroens C5 Aircross verdict
#C5Aircross #SonyAlphaIn #SonyIndia
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  • maria james
    maria james

    They should have brought in Peugeot cars first.. after all they are all under the same group. C5 is a good car but it just doesnt look like the car which can justify such a price tag. Instead the 2021 Peugeot 3008 should have been introduced first..

  • Hari Nair
    Hari Nair

    Even at 30Lacs, it might clock a monthly sales of 1500/month, which is only what probably citroen is aiming at.. Any sales of 1000+ is good in premium segment

  • sri gone
    sri gone

    Costly 35 lac

  • partha manjanbail
    partha manjanbail

    Still I'd prefer Harrier/Jeep. MG even, way cheaper for the similar features

  • Siddharth Thomas
    Siddharth Thomas

    2nd row seating arrangement seem to be the biggest flaw in its design...Citroen should have considered a proper 2 seater arrangement for the second row with a central armrest for maximum comfort for the Indian market. To introduce a 30 lakh car for the indian and have utilitarian arrangement of seats at the rear will have few takers.


    I waiting for Mercedes Benz c class 2021 video🔥 make it soon available......

  • Sonu dev
    Sonu dev

    @autocar india why is that all the safety features are missing which are offered in Europe market they could have brought it at top model with up price for 3 to 5 lakhs. this companies try to make money for feature which are not useful but its only for show but never give safest car like addas features which is most important .


    I don’t like the design at all. Its like that alien Creta.

  • Divakar Ownz
    Divakar Ownz

    Best reviewer ever ! Dont lose her autocar india

  • sachin sarma
    sachin sarma

    I'd rather buy a harrier and save the rest 😀

  • Hemal

    Just two things- Wish they had given a panoramic sunroof, I feel in this segment, Indians would think of it as a deal breaker, considering all other rivals gets one. And secondly, lighter shades of interiors would have made it even more appealing.

  • Notok Zone
    Notok Zone

    Never been a fan of analog dial meter. - no class

  • Tony Arc
    Tony Arc

    The car looks promising, but the only flaw that they have with it is the pricing. If the mentioned price is true then they really should have to reconsider because the C5 Aircross is in the Big SUV territory, if so then this one is not a threat to other Mid-size SUV's (Compass, Hector, Seltos etc) because I honestly believe that people won't shell out such huge money for a car who's rivals cost much less and offers better features.

  • Ashtra Infotainment
    Ashtra Infotainment

    what are its global ncap ratings?

  • bharat chaudhari
    bharat chaudhari

    nice prentation

  • chirag gahlaut
    chirag gahlaut

    renuka ji at her best

  • Agastya

    All for 30 lakhs ! Thanks ! Citroen is now part of a merged company called Stellantis !

  • Kumar

    Tail light design not attractive. Should be large and diamond cut. Presently Honda city, old creta sx tail light is more attractive .

  • A P
    A P

    I’d rather get the endeavour

  • True Love
    True Love

    only drawback PRICE .......

  • Aditya viswanathan
    Aditya viswanathan

    I think Citröen's strategy is a good one. Test the waters, gauge reactions and go on the offensive. I believe C5 is a good product but the CBU route may put off some but.they are not targeting high volumes. So it is kind of a win win situation for Citröen.

  • Jayan P.m
    Jayan P.m

    What price

  • Mukesh Mukesh
    Mukesh Mukesh

    Just amazing

  • Deepom jyoti Pegu
    Deepom jyoti Pegu

    Y its name Aircross

  • Danny Benhur
    Danny Benhur

    28 lakh for a 5 seater... Hmm, so it competes BMW X1... Citroen needs to rethink about the price tag.


    I still like Jeep campass


    Real 5 seater suv 👍

  • sanket kasat
    sanket kasat

    Pricing will be the problem. Because upto 22L u get top end Kia Seltos. So if they want to really enter into Indian market then they should have rival with Kia Seltos & Hyundai Creta. High end cars upto 30L with 5 seater are rarely purchased

  • San Sh
    San Sh

    Citroen is a top class car maker - they are an Iconic brand more than Hyundai, Kia or Toyota.

  • F!zZ

    I've only seen this car in need for Speed games.

  • wagsbass

    Looks too quirky, this will fail in the Indian market

  • Florian

    Citroën is made for indians roads 🇫🇷

  • Unknown Identity
    Unknown Identity

    Innova is best in this price

  • Siddhant Sahrawat
    Siddhant Sahrawat

    The C5 looks better than most of its competitors. Even jeep compass.


    Very good vehicle indeed. Much awaited vehicle. #C5Aircross

  • Zeeshan Rizvi
    Zeeshan Rizvi

    Citroen is going to carve a niche market specifically for those who have an understanding on the definition of comfort with power. Welcome to New India 🇮🇳

  • Jagannath Parankusam
    Jagannath Parankusam

    Great. But, I would prefer a bigger engine 2.8 litre with a 4 wheel drive. I will wait

  • oasis spirits
    oasis spirits

    This is going to be the car of the year 2021

  • Snooze for 10 mins
    Snooze for 10 mins

    I still believe that jeep compass is its biggest competitor

  • Al P
    Al P

    They can do so well in the US.

  • Mr. തക്കുടു
    Mr. തക്കുടു

    The very first car in India with Bose suspension system.

  • Murali Krishna
    Murali Krishna

    Meanwhile Kia sells 5300 units per month followed by Thar at 3700 units. Nice car want it to win hearts, not for my wallet.

  • Dream Music
    Dream Music

    Did you know anything about benelli 302s 2021 india launch?

  • Pranav Agnihotri
    Pranav Agnihotri

    Yikes! All I can say

  • Harshit Jindal
    Harshit Jindal

    Make video on innova crysta facelift and fortunes

  • ninja ninja
    ninja ninja

    "Hermes bag that might pass under the radar" lol

  • Ujjwal sharma
    Ujjwal sharma

    I first thought it is of creta and seltos segment but no it is upsegment 😁😁


    If the price is 28-30 lacs then its quite expensive, it should be between 22-24 max as several features are missing such as ventilated seats, 360 camera, fully electric driver seat, electric co-driver seat, wireless charging because other then these features all other features are basic features which are available in 15 lacs car as well... infect more features we get in other smaller cars...

  • Pranav

    Already the market is crowded with combusion engines across all segments, and as brand entering now could concentrated on EV.

  • sharad verma
    sharad verma

    When u guys r trying out kiger amt

  • Aman Gupta
    Aman Gupta

    Diesel, really?

  • Punith S
    Punith S

    Looks good on all but why NO projector LED headlights...???

  • Dude perfect India
    Dude perfect India

    What is cost

  • Dr. Anil
    Dr. Anil

    No armrest at the backseats?!! Not impressive :/

  • Manoj Mukundan
    Manoj Mukundan

    Citroen teams: We need our ambassador back with petrol or diesel options please... we are terribly missing our amby... please please consider...

  • sanyam dosi
    sanyam dosi

    hey autocar, can you guys compare gle vs velar ?

  • Kanishka Rana
    Kanishka Rana

    Hmmmm impressive 👍👌

  • Amit

    Jeep still a better choice at this segment

  • JAWAHAR V jawahar
    JAWAHAR V jawahar

    Super review

  • Vipin Goyal
    Vipin Goyal

    Does anybody has idea of the background music used?

  • sharvan kumar
    sharvan kumar

    🌹 🌹 Nice video and stylish car 🚙

  • Lokesh

    Shooted in tamilnadu❤️

  • Kalyan Chakravarthy
    Kalyan Chakravarthy

    Buy 2021 Safari..Looks Butch n 🔥

  • bleedblue420as

    That radio style meter is so cool

  • Sankalp Sachdev
    Sankalp Sachdev

    I'm just thinking how tough cleaning the contours would be 😅

  • Bangali Baba
    Bangali Baba

    Ventilated seat is more important than wireless charging.

  • Anandan Nair
    Anandan Nair

    A cute French innovation A car called Citroen. Welcome to India.

  • Km24 fit
    Km24 fit

    More cars. Wtf

  • Abin Baby
    Abin Baby


    • dagger732

      its more about creating the brand image with this product. sales is not the target. more price-competitive cars will follow later with C3 etc. Right now, with the C5, the aim is to make Indians say: Wow, what a brand!

  • Prawesh Kumar
    Prawesh Kumar

    Too curvy for me ..else ok will not do amazing my prediction..will sell but will not set the segment on fire

  • Amit Mehta
    Amit Mehta

    Great review. Later on could #autocar get the cost of ownership..

  • himanshu agnihotri
    himanshu agnihotri

    30 lakhs 😆

  • Ankur Arora
    Ankur Arora

    Wud be very tough to sell at this price point. MG Hector still the car to beat in the segment imo

  • Piyush Chaturvedi
    Piyush Chaturvedi

    30 lakhs...👎

  • kaven Varghese
    kaven Varghese

    Can we have any new car without spliting gril, drls & head lamps?. I felt this trend a bit awkward. Unfortunately some companies following this type of design. Its better make it sleek & intigrated like italians does.

  • Ragav Giridharan
    Ragav Giridharan

    Launch a similar car with 7 seats and sell at this price. Maybe then it can compete with Innova ( provided Citroen takes care of after sales )

  • Stories That Matter
    Stories That Matter

    Seems catered to LHD, with the gear level sitting at the far left from the driver.

  • Abdullah Amal Khan
    Abdullah Amal Khan

    I agree it's a tad expensive, but for all those still complaining, take a ride in any car of it's price range and then test drive and try the backseat of Aircross. Then you'll realise it's value. Also it's about the same price as the price in the English or French market! Kudos Citroen!

  • Veda Vinod
    Veda Vinod

    Citroen c5 interior looks similar with Porsche cars

  • Anirvan Kothuri
    Anirvan Kothuri

    We cannot expect a very competitive price because this something that rivals a Mercedes, Audi, bmw, Lexus, for a lower price. So the c3 could be much more economical.

  • Star Sailor
    Star Sailor

    Citroen for me always meant quirky..but in a good and unique way

  • Chetan11

    I don't care if Citroen is CBU or CKD..Jeep Compass or Fortuner anyday

  • Dr.Durgesh kumar Sinha
    Dr.Durgesh kumar Sinha

    Nothing special for the price...sorry!!!!

  • Saddam Chowdhari
    Saddam Chowdhari

    front look is not that much impressive. its looking like a renault capture

  • joy banerjee
    joy banerjee

    Very very gud review

  • Abinash D
    Abinash D

    This car looks promising..The level of comfort, quality and safety features is far better than competition. Hope this car will justify it's 30 lakh price tag...

  • surendra singh
    surendra singh

    Its so technically good than fortuner and endrover

  • Editing Recipes
    Editing Recipes

    Cinematography is really appreciable

  • Subhash Kumar sinha
    Subhash Kumar sinha

    From back it look like a kia carnival

  • Cruise Control
    Cruise Control

    A genuine Feedback: Add the below features/suggestions. 1) Add 360 deg camera 2) Add wireless charger 3) Place 2 monitors behind the front seats for back seat entertainment. 4) Have customization option of choosing interior color like the Hector. 5) Also have a 1.5 litre Diesel like the Seltos 6) If C5 Aircross is priced 30 lakhs, I doubt it's success even though if it has good feature list. Price this between 20 to 23 lakhs ex.showroom which will be an apt pricing.

  • Smartaks7

    Car is good but price is really high 🙏🏻

  • Aayu Panday
    Aayu Panday

    For a car priced at 30 Lakhs, those shoddy plastics are an eyesore.

  • Prabhu Raghunathan
    Prabhu Raghunathan

    Should have shot the video in pondicherri instead for a truly french video


    I have the same here in Kuwait. Excellent car.

  • Pixton Vlogs
    Pixton Vlogs

    why everyone has similar front end like Renault, Hyundai, Tata 🤔🤔🤔

  • Nawaf Kannur
    Nawaf Kannur

    Expecting a premium hatchback from this company..

  • Abhi Shetty
    Abhi Shetty

    I hope FCA does the disruptive pricing thing like the Magnite and Kiger, if they price it near 20 lakh it will be a success

  • Krishna Vamshi
    Krishna Vamshi

    Very nice car, when it is launching

  • sabu a
    sabu a


  • Jean GT
    Jean GT

    Mini Country Man + Renault Captur = Citroën C5 Aircross.

Madhav ko ye car leni hai🤣
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