2021 Renault Kiger review - Renault's compact SUV for India | First Drive | Autocar India
The Kiger is Renault's cool new entry to the hot compact SUV segment. Nikhil Bhatia spends time with the Renault Kiger Turbo to tell you what it's like.
Watch the review of the Renault Kiger in Hindi on our sister channel What Car? India ► inlabel.info/chat/d5eZt62k2pZ8fZ4/v.html
Video shot on Sony Alpha 7 III.
Cameraperson: Shreyans Chordia
Editor: Siddhesh Kadam
#Kiger #SonyAlphaIn #SonyIndia
0:00 - Introduction
0:28 - Renault Kiger specifications
0:57 - Renault Kiger price
1:20 - Renault Kiger dimensions and styling
2:50 - Renault Kiger interior
5:00 - Renault Kiger RXT features
5:17 - Renault Kiger safety
5:35 - Renault Kiger rear seat
6:32 - Renault Kiger boot
7:02 - Renault Kiger Turbo performance
7:52 - Renault Kiger drive modes
9:32 - Renault Kiger gearbox
10:02 - Renault Kiger highway manners
10:38 - Renault Kiger engine refinement
10:45 - Renault Kiger ground clearance and ride
11:15 - Renault Kiger handling
11:41 - Renault Kiger verdict
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  • Autocar India
    Autocar India

    Watch the review of the Renault Kiger in Hindi on our sister channel What Car? India ► inlabel.info/chat/d5eZt62k2pZ8fZ4/v.html

    • Rijin Raghavan
      Rijin Raghavan

      Looks like Kwid ... front 👎 best rear exterior design 👍🏻

    • SoulsBorne Geralt
      SoulsBorne Geralt

      Hows the headlight performance at night?

    • sagar33sawant

      Where is this cliff location in goa?

  • Voin Saini
    Voin Saini

    Altroz xz I turbo or kiger booking soon ? Any suggestions

  • Shailov Chauhan
    Shailov Chauhan

    Recommend for Hills ? PS : Shimla

  • Archit Desai
    Archit Desai

    Please make a video comparing Nissan Magnite with Renault Kiger, Tata Nexon and Kia Sonet.

  • vaibhav padalkar
    vaibhav padalkar

    Whats with puny engine...

  • sunit dattani
    sunit dattani

    Sir between Kigar manual turbo rxt n venue turbo s (it cost more) which is a better buy mainly for city usage... Thanks...

  • vishal dogra
    vishal dogra

    Kiger vs magnite

  • Muthukumaran Vijayakumaar
    Muthukumaran Vijayakumaar

    Kiger looks to be a toy car... Especially the c design rear light is not good looking.

  • Vimal Dheeraj Meesala
    Vimal Dheeraj Meesala

    It's more of a crossover than a compact SUV. But it still feels premium and more practical than magnite.

  • Nandish Shirodkar
    Nandish Shirodkar

    Is it worth buying a new petrol car in 2021? Or should i wait for electric car? Please tell because I can't decide between these two 😫!


    Can we take non turbo with 5 people and full boot on uphills ?

  • Vijay Krishna
    Vijay Krishna

    These days ,anything and everything is SUV in India , and with rising petrol price , small turbo petrol engines lacks efficiency ! Manufacturer's should switch back to "bigger" NA engines !

  • Bharat Gala
    Bharat Gala

    What Comfortable max speed u can drive this car continiously on Expressways ?

  • OhCrap247

    Can we please stop calling these models SUVs?? These are not SUVs by long shot. They are raised hatchbacks with beefy body kits. 72hp just doesn't cut it to make it in the SUV category.

  • Shiv Pratap singh
    Shiv Pratap singh

    Please make a video on new swift facelift

  • PK Scorpion
    PK Scorpion

    Wasted opportunity by Renault. Nothing looks exiting. Looks like scaled up model Kwid. Nissan Magnite is clear winner 🏆.

  • Vizz Varadhan
    Vizz Varadhan

    The maganite looks much more attractive than this.


    Kia sonnet is best

  • Vishal S
    Vishal S

    Best looking CSUV---->SONET

  • Damodar Mardolkar
    Damodar Mardolkar

    All is hyped about the top model only ☹️☹️☹️ Magnite xv (the second top varients) give more features for the same price of rxt

  • mohit tejta
    mohit tejta

    Nexon n venue are class apart all other compact SUV's.

  • Ravi Karthikeyan
    Ravi Karthikeyan

    After the test drive I have put away my decision to book the vehicle 1. The steering is unnecessarily tight and lacks total feedback. 2. The clutch is hard and long travel. 3. The gearbox is wierd in the sense it's kinda not smooth and had long travel. These 3 things are the most important and basic things that need to be good in a car and drive this one lacks these I don't think one would enjoy it even have a stress free ride. Think twice before buying. Also the non turbo engine is totally response less. Turbo engine is a gem.

  • Akhil AKT
    Akhil AKT

    Someone please tell me where the location is?

  • Nakul Dalakoti
    Nakul Dalakoti

    Well I would prefer body of Kieger with interiors of Magnite 🤣

  • clint fernandes
    clint fernandes

    Aree goa wale beach pe

  • Lington Daniel
    Lington Daniel

    Would you buy this over a 1.2 K Series petrol from Maruti?

  • Sumeet jadhav
    Sumeet jadhav

    Well well well. Just in 2 months we will have TATA HBX. This mini rhino gonna destroy everyone equally.


    My list of Best Looking Compact/SUB-4-Mtr SUV : ROAD PRESENCE 1) Kia Sonet 2) Hyundai Venue 3) Tata Nexon 4) Renault Kiger 5) Mahindra XUV300 6) Nissan Magnite 7) MS Vitara Brezza/Toyota Urban Cruiser

    • Rijin Raghavan
      Rijin Raghavan

      Hyundai venue and nexon

  • John Lyndem
    John Lyndem

    I like Hyundai venue

  • Manoj Pardha
    Manoj Pardha

    The best compact SUV in terms of design and looks is always Vitara Brezza from Maruti Suzuki

  • Hern anto
    Hern anto

    im thinking to buy kiger or raize since they r going to be launced in indonesia soon. I dont have any doubt on toyota aftersales service as well as spare parts supply. How about renaults reputation in india? please drop me some idea. Thanks.

  • vignesh pandian
    vignesh pandian

    Renault should be applauded for their effort they are taking indian matket very seriously and working very hard to compete with Asian manufacturers Great job Renault

  • Sumit Baruah
    Sumit Baruah

    Still think magnite is a better value for money

  • pavan rao
    pavan rao

    Magnetite is best looking

  • Ananthu Suresh
    Ananthu Suresh

    Better than Magnite... More Space Different drive modes Instrument cluster graphics...looks like European touch... Aggressive SUV design looks better than magnite... 4 airbags

  • MR. AutoboT
    MR. AutoboT

    I was here when the shoot was going on 😱

  • kumaon

    Kriplani madam ka review chahiye ❤️❤️❤️

  • mathotmi jajo
    mathotmi jajo

    Well done Renault

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar

    Pls do comparison with Nissan magnite

  • Indranil Saha
    Indranil Saha

    The Sonet is the best looking C SUV hands down

  • sri harsha
    sri harsha

    Does it have cruise mode? 🤔

  • Mohamed Wahith F
    Mohamed Wahith F

    Automobile industry should look forward to bring budget electric car at this moment rather still focus petrol engines ... this is turbo year, ever make concentrate on turbo... appreciate #Renault for being more option on automatic transmission.. not just like #Hyundai works only top varient ..

  • Ajeet Deginal
    Ajeet Deginal

    I wish Hindustan Motors come back now with awesome cars and great build quality.😀 That ll be perfect sense for vocal for local 🔥

  • docnilno1

    Tata Nexon looks the best.

  • Kiran Goud
    Kiran Goud

    How many of you noticed out had no Fog. Lamps

    • Atharva Dhoke
      Atharva Dhoke

      The headlights itself are very low on the bumper, it doesn't need a fog lamp as such..

  • Shradha Wakchaure
    Shradha Wakchaure

    Review is good, please give review about nonturbo engine and low end variants coz these cars are made for people who can't afford compact SUV like ecosport and Nexon

  • Regal Town
    Regal Town

    Most value for money car of its segment. If only they had a diesel engine.

  • Ishan Vadhera
    Ishan Vadhera

    Ugly looking clading ugly looking alloy wheels ulgy looking rear part.......nothing new from renault...only beautiful...thing ."Air knobs"

  • SoulsBorne Geralt
    SoulsBorne Geralt

    Hows the headlight performance at night?

  • SlayFn

    Can you please tell me that if you can turn off your wireless charger in kiger


    He ia the best reviewers of autocar.👍👍👍👍

  • Trideep Gogoi
    Trideep Gogoi

    Let's see what tata hbx is going offer! Is hbx is going to compete kiger in price point! Hope so

  • veeresh veeresh
    veeresh veeresh

    I take test drive of kiger it is very light weight and corners and curves handling is not good only we pay money for feature and style

  • Saravanan Chidambaram
    Saravanan Chidambaram

    A suggestion: Pls Post Where u shoot....will be more intresting.

    • 203 852 Joystan
      203 852 Joystan

      Cabo de Rama, goa

  • Sunny Bandodkar
    Sunny Bandodkar

    Cruise control n sunroof need to get introduced...then it will be a hit..

  • Fazil B Gaffoor
    Fazil B Gaffoor

    Best looking compact suv is always tata Nexon

  • Jaggu smiles
    Jaggu smiles

    Nice Designed Subcompact

  • Lal s
    Lal s

    Interior Looks superb 👍👍

  • Mohammed Azmi
    Mohammed Azmi

    Come on nothing can beat the SONET in looks in this segment. If I am naming the cars according to looks it will be as follows: 1. Kia Sonet 2. Hyundai Venue 3. Renault Kiger 4. Nissan Magnite

  • Rakesh Yadav
    Rakesh Yadav

    Cruise control is missing

  • Rakesh Yadav
    Rakesh Yadav


  • sirus rodrigues
    sirus rodrigues


  • Muantea Muantea
    Muantea Muantea

    I like ford eco sport the most but having 3 cylinder only is not smooth enough, if they come up with 4 cylinder then it will be the best compact suv

    • Esther Mezhu
      Esther Mezhu

      No bro, Eco sport has 4cylinder and a (1.2 litre) turbo 3cylinder options. All compact SUV's come with a 3cyc if it's mated to a turbocharger.

  • Ronak Khona
    Ronak Khona

    Nikhil Bhatia is one best from Autocar India Always look forward for him in a first drive

  • Mr.Cloudy

    It's look like a toy car


    Nothing beats xuv300 in terms of performance, ride, handling, and stability in compact SUV or sub 4m segment... Even the diesel engine is very refined on par with korean rivals.. probably best diesel amt produced by any company

  • Shubham Kanojiya
    Shubham Kanojiya

    Tata Nexon. Best.!

  • Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar

    Sorry petrol and Diesel went so high. Convert all cars to hybrid or full EV model

  • I am Blue
    I am Blue

    For a moment those floor mat’s blue lining made me think it had blue leds😅

  • Collins Shibi
    Collins Shibi

    Most waited video........ Was Waiting for a week

  • Akhil Nambiar
    Akhil Nambiar

    Which place is this?

  • naveen bala
    naveen bala

    Hope this car get 4 star ratings 😇

  • Prince

    I think Kia Sonet looks more SUVish when it comes to under 4 meter SUV's.

    • ADITYA K
      ADITYA K

      Xuv300 and nexon disagrees

  • Prathik Kumar
    Prathik Kumar

    As usual a great review!! Overall kiger looks good but still.....!!!

  • santhosh balaji
    santhosh balaji

    sad to see Renault destroying the legacy of Duster with these so-called Compact Suv Kiger. Atleast get the Dacia Duster from Romania.

  • ankur mayatra
    ankur mayatra

    There should be a diesel variant

  • Anuj Sharma
    Anuj Sharma

    Still Brezza/Urban Cruiser is the best

  • D K
    D K

    Best looking is Tata Nexon.

  • Sundar Bala
    Sundar Bala

    Best looking SUV is Sonnet then Venue and EcoSport.Kiger looks just like kwid

    • Esther Mezhu
      Esther Mezhu

      Yep, and also the most powerful in segment (1.0 litre 3cyc that makes 120bhp) but you forgot to include Breeza and Magnite.

  • Abhinandan Verma
    Abhinandan Verma

    Tata nexon 😍

  • Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur

    the safety ratings will reveal how much of a cost it has been built too! When will it and it's cousin be tested by GNCAP

  • Amitoj Singh
    Amitoj Singh

    Still Venue is the best looking Compact SUV


    I think now is a very good time to go for a hybrid engine.........with .... engine for long commute ev for city commute with atleast 100 km of practical range

  • Aham Kundu
    Aham Kundu

    Ford Ecosport 2018

  • dhanan jayan
    dhanan jayan

    Compare TATA Nexon vs kiger

  • alok raj
    alok raj

    1) Kia Sonet. 2) tata nexon. Others don’t matter.

  • Adithya Vasudevan
    Adithya Vasudevan

    Renault has a sub-segment winner. I think the Kiger and the Magnite are scripting a revival for the two brands, paving the way for a bright future (if the momentum is sustained with annual facelifts). However, it does look like the segment is split in three. The Nexon, XUV 300 and Ecosport are the top of the heap. In between are the Venue, Sonet and Brezza. And then the Kiger and Magnite. Each sub-segment fits a certain customer profile - those who pick the Nexon, Ecosport or XUV 300 are not going to compromise, pick a Kiger. Likewise those who want just a Kiger need not shell out more to get a Nexon. The Kiger and Magnite will appeal to hatchback buyers looking to move a segment up, won't necessarily eat market-share from the Venue or Sonet, although expect the Brezza to take a hit. The XUV 300, Ecosport and Nexon largely compete with each other, and therefore won't be rocked by what happens in the other two sub-segments.

    • Mohamed Wahith F
      Mohamed Wahith F

      Well said, along with above built quality of those cars are far better than kiger/magnite.. the target could budget customers will sure choice these two ...additionally, fuel price surge; buyer never mind of it.

  • Nikhil **
    Nikhil **

    Have took it for a test drive. The ride quality is okkayish not to the level of xuv300 or Nexon. Also the vibration & engine noise can put you off. Also there is no safety features like traction control, hill hold, ESP, etc which are now becoming standard. To conclude if your budget is within 8Lakhs this is a good choice . Kiger is aimed at the hatchback segment.

  • Gagan puri
    Gagan puri

    Most awaited review!

  • Mukesh Mukesh
    Mukesh Mukesh

    Ecosport anyday as it still looks a pure compact SUV n not pseudo

  • Chandrachur Niyogi
    Chandrachur Niyogi

    the Kiger looks good!!! would have been great with 4WD & 6-speed manual / 6-speed automatic transmission!!! now it's become hard to decide between the NISSAN Magnite & Kiger!!! by the way RENAULT seriously needs to dump this metallic blue shine colour!!! colours like this look good on portable Bluetooth speakers & limited edition Coca Cola cans not cars!!!

  • Karthik M
    Karthik M

    Sonet is the best looking compact SUV. It’s my personal opinion.

  • A D Enterprise
    A D Enterprise

    If they can make the same design in car big like scorpio, it'll be a game changer.

  • reachabbas79

    which trimline has been used for the review?

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      We used the RXZ Turbo MT :-)

  • Sarath To
    Sarath To

    Indian government charge 28%GST+22% cess on vehicles ....for an 8lakh OTR hach gov is getting 4 lakh in taxes...that is more than even the car maker and dealers combined profit 😆

    • vaibhav padalkar
      vaibhav padalkar

      Wrong information

    • Navaneeth

      22 % Cess is for more than 4 mtr, 2.5+ ltr diesel engine cars like Innova,Carnival etc.Dont fool people please.Also GST compensation cess on vehicles would be withdrawned in 2024.

    • Navaneeth

      this is a SUB-4 METER,less than 1.5 ltr car,it has 28% GST plus 3% GST compensation cess.Total 31 % tax on base price.

    • bommu samy
      bommu samy

      In TN 28% GST + CGST. CESS 1% for 10 lakh below Ex showroom vehicles

    • Professional guide
      Professional guide

      @Shashank Gupta exactly ...cess is around 1%

  • Mayur Bhonde
    Mayur Bhonde

    Fz25 bs6 kab kroge

  • Saurabh Chaubal
    Saurabh Chaubal

    Kiger CVT vs amaze CVT.. what to prefer for majority city use and balance for long distance on highways with family.. or any other automatic suggested?

  • Lmt Khs
    Lmt Khs

    I like the design , more than any existing compact suv

    • Amish5924


  • KrownHead

    Looks like Nexon !!!

  • Vivopencil

    S cross hybrid system is next level

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