Sub-Rs 20 lakh MG EV for India, ZS EV with 500km range & more: Rajeev Chaba |Interview|Autocar India
In conversation with Hormazd Sorabjee, Rajeev Chaba, President and MD, MG Motor India talks of one year of the ZS EV, plans to develop a sub-Rs 20 lakh EV for India, Tesla's entry, a new MG SUV and more.
0:00 - Introduction
0:53 - EV sales in India
5:02 - Developing EV infrastructure in India
8:31 - Case for EVs with smaller battery packs
11:03 - Affordable EVs for India
12:19 - MG's sub-Rs 20 lakh EV
14:27 - Developing EVs for India
16:04 - Tesla coming to India
18:25 - Making EVs cost effective
23:13 - MG's investments in India
25:15 - New MG SUV for India
26:28 - Balancing demand and supply
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  • Jashandeep Singh : INCSLxnYAg
    Jashandeep Singh : INCSLxnYAg

    ZS EV❤️

  • abhijat pandey
    abhijat pandey

    4 Minutes into the interview and it is clear that there is a definite demand for EVs, you know they are better than ICE, low running cost, low maintenance. It shows that India lacks Tesla, because main reason for Tesla's success was making fast chargers along with expanding Tesla. Indian Government is "as usual" super sluggish

  • Apurva Mirajkar
    Apurva Mirajkar

    I like this guy...👍 Frank & open conversation...

  • Vinay Bati
    Vinay Bati

    Three conditions have to be met 1) prices go below 10 - 12 Lakh 2) practical on road range goes above 500 kms And 3) proper charging infrastructure is in place there will be very less buyer intrest or the mass market will stay away.

  • Sujith

    With in a year a model change in EV especially in range and ground Clarence. It's a bad performers in resale market. Or offer some cost effective retrofitting for an year old customers.

  • Necro Mancer
    Necro Mancer

    All that said and done,i price is still astronomical if you could bring even for 10-11 lakhs with at least 300km range it would suffice for the middle class.Right now the products are more catered towards the upper middle class who have a CTC of about 20 lakhs +. eg: TATA NEXON petrol cariant costs 9L where as EV version minimum 14 L The 5 lakhs difference i can use it for petrol upto 4-5 years. Coming to the point of eco-friendly ness. Where do you think the electricity for the EV comes from ? Coal powerplants Hydro electric and few nuclear powerplants. Concept of clean energy well lol.

  • Rajneesh Sethiya
    Rajneesh Sethiya

    Greatly described.

  • Rudra Keerthan Narne
    Rudra Keerthan Narne

    One of the best, if not the best interview with a CEO of a manufacturer.

  • anubhav singh
    anubhav singh

    Great to hear about EVs. It's really important to think about the environment and use the non-fossil engine. Evs are a great future.

  • Hitesh Yagnik
    Hitesh Yagnik

    Great to hear about the EV's. EV is our next-gen future. So we can try to make a better India reduce the carbon emission.

  • Vivek Sharva
    Vivek Sharva

    NIce EV, comes with fast charging support and 500kms limit in single full charge!

  • Karan Aditya Singh
    Karan Aditya Singh

    Amazing review😍😍😍

  • Avadhesh Bhoot
    Avadhesh Bhoot

    Hatchback or sedan EV will be best seller

  • vaibhav jain
    vaibhav jain

    Glad to see that Mr Rajeev is thinking and doing so much for Indian Audiences

  • Avinash Singhal
    Avinash Singhal

    Very cool interview😎

  • Subhendu Mukherjee
    Subhendu Mukherjee

    Always feel that Mr. Rajeev Chaba is a nice gentlemen. Have seen him smiling always whenever he speaks. If MG can bring something within 12-13 lacs, can be a complete game-changer. I think the petrol version of ZS can also be a very good option. All the best MG 👍

  • zenjm

    Hormazd you are very good at interviews!

  • sukhraj singh
    sukhraj singh

    "Battery doesn't hit potholes 😂 ...."

  • vaisakh s
    vaisakh s

    Rajeev chabba seems to be a super cool person. I like his confidence

  • Akash Biswas
    Akash Biswas

    First time i have seen a CEO of a car manufacturer appreciating and talking about other car manufacturer... Loved that gesture

  • shrads rox
    shrads rox

    India needs mictrcars for two

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan

    Happy to see mg investing soo much in india


    Hope MG brings sedan to India

  • regular Joe
    regular Joe

    Under 10L will be the real game changer

  • Mvinay Kumar
    Mvinay Kumar

    Yeah, india always ready for upgrades

  • Hishmith V vardhan
    Hishmith V vardhan

    I love the torque of evs

  • Hishmith V vardhan
    Hishmith V vardhan

    Ohhhh yeah india is future ready,I just read news that delhi will have charging station every 3kms

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