Skoda Kushaq - Value Luxury & Competitive Price : Gurpratap Boparai | Interview | Autocar India
Skoda is readying its SUV, the Kushaq, for the India 2.0 offensive. With the global reveal around the corner Gurpratap Boparai - Managing Director, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India speaks to Hormazd Sorabjee Editor Autocar India on the soon to be launched SUV and the company's plans.
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  • anurag kumar
    anurag kumar

    PRICE is key word...🙆🙆🙆

  • Mahesh

    If they want to grow they have to price it between 9 to 10

  • prathap naidu
    prathap naidu

    The future of car is primarily dependent on price comparing to seltos and creta. if it is more than both then not sure how future of this car will be

  • Aravind P
    Aravind P

    All the auto industry executives should pressurise the government to reduce fuel.prices

  • sivaranjani senthil Kumaran
    sivaranjani senthil Kumaran

    Looking forward to Pricing of base variant.. 1.0l turbo.. Same engine under different hood such as polo comfortline @ 7.0 lac. Rapid rider plus @ 8.0 lac.

  • Venkata gorakarapu
    Venkata gorakarapu

    if this is priced less than creta, can become a leader in this segment.

  • Bharat mata ki jay
    Bharat mata ki jay

    i love the cars made by Skoda a lot

  • Yilmaz Yunus
    Yilmaz Yunus

    Time to drive these nice SUV’s in İndia. Waiting for Mai 2021.

  • Irfan

    End price and mileage drives frontline in market

  • 04 9A Ankit Poddar
    04 9A Ankit Poddar

    Hope it should be under 20L

  • Vivek Anand
    Vivek Anand

    Skoda's Compact SUV, Kushaq, is all set to make its global debut in India on March 18, 2021.

  • V Srikanth
    V Srikanth

    VW,Skoda are good cars but maintenance is very high still it is there compare to other cars in the same segment.skoda karoq,is a good car should be manufacture in India for cost down

  • Tom and Jerry
    Tom and Jerry

    Will book on the launch date if 15 Lacs for automatic variant..

  • ragib ali
    ragib ali

    The size appears to be small, somewhere similar to hyundai venue. This is not a competition for Seltos or Creta.

  • V Srikanth
    V Srikanth

    Price should be from 9.99lacs to 16.99 Lacs for top spec to be competitive in this segment where Creta,seltos leads

  • Zaid Kidwai
    Zaid Kidwai

    The name vision was awesome but this name KUSHAQ😟🙁

  • Ravindra Daundkar
    Ravindra Daundkar

    Skoda always had better products than rivals, some cult customer fan following signifies that. But its after sales service that let it down, always!

  • Mast_10IB

    I hope that it's top model will be around 15 lakhs on road then it would be great option

  • Car Addict
    Car Addict

    Skoda and vw produce one of the best cars in the world in terms of reliability and features .

  • vikas 3
    vikas 3

    I hope it will price under 20

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar

    Expected Price?

  • Parijat Pallav
    Parijat Pallav

    Okk ...This car is a result of customers feedback ....means this car does not require Skoda service at all...👍👍nice

  • Shyama Mishra
    Shyama Mishra

    Going in an excellent positive attitude for The Indians

  • H D
    H D

    Where is the new octavia??

  • sahilvermadelhi

    Extremely qualitative interview

  • Mufleen Singh
    Mufleen Singh

    Such a nuanced and measured man, Gurpartap Singh Boparai !! Spoke so well.

  • manishdj55

    Over 50 % market is diesel. Please bring back TDI in new line up. Indian loves diesel engine. So bring back TDI with DSG. TDI+DSG = 5% Market value. Or else its dificult to achive on petrol.

  • Harshith Shetty
    Harshith Shetty

    We need Fabia to be bought back.


    It should start with a price below 10lakhs

  • dhruv kumar
    dhruv kumar

    The built quality of skoda and vw is just on another level

  • Udit Jain
    Udit Jain

    Value for money variant should be priced at 11 lakhs, make sure it has wireless Apple car play and Android Auto and Count me in for a pre booking.

  • Sravan s
    Sravan s

    To gain market share make prices low without missing Skoda dna. Kushaq should price between 9-14 on road to compete with creta

  • M A Rahman
    M A Rahman

    Kushaq 1.5 TSI comes with the DSG transmission. Kushaq will definitely be a car enthusiast dream vehicle. 😎

  • ashok Kumar
    ashok Kumar

    What about octavia 4gen

  • Prajith M J
    Prajith M J

    Bring back Fabia

  • Subhendu Mukherjee
    Subhendu Mukherjee

    Looking forward to this car. Could be a great value for money. Let's see the pricing first and it's real performance. All the best VW Skoda group 👍👍


    ooohooo bring vw taigun

  • Sumanta Samal
    Sumanta Samal

    Eagerly waiting for this. Thanks Autocar India.


    I feels they should price it with skoda rapid and see what customer would prefer. That would be interesting.

  • jay singh
    jay singh

    will the 1.5 tsi also have a manual transmission?

  • anandhu s nair
    anandhu s nair

    I want 1.5 l manual

  • sameer jha
    sameer jha

    The 1 litre tsi engine is a piece of a gem and it flies like a rocket

  • Sunny Singhi
    Sunny Singhi

    Pricing it at ‘premium’ as in more expensive from the Hyundai twins ?

  • Kavin Adhithya
    Kavin Adhithya

    I’m waiting


    Can they price aggressively as rapid rider i think no, may be after 1 or 2 years

  • Auto Sector
    Auto Sector

    Skoda please give full features specially big touch screen nd connected car tech & simply clever features also

  • Vijay Roy
    Vijay Roy

    Skoda and VW cars been very premium and expensive as compare to the competitors in the market, if they price it aggressively can get a good market share without compromising on the luxury that this brand provides.

  • Taranshu Pattnaik TP
    Taranshu Pattnaik TP

    Lets hope Skoda should have a great day....with the Mission India 2.0

  • Arihant Vibhute
    Arihant Vibhute

    It'll rival top variant Creta, Harrier, Seltos and entry level compass. The on road will start at 12 L entry level going up to 19L top model.

  • Shravan V
    Shravan V

    Would it come with a Panaromic sun roof.

  • Paras Arora
    Paras Arora

    What will be the price. Any guesses?

  • Shahu Miskin
    Shahu Miskin

    Bring back Fabia!

  • Lf

    If priced aggressively, it can change the fortunes for Skoda!

  • Syed Asgar
    Syed Asgar

    Prices should not cross 14 lakhs for top model.. otherwise it will be dead on arrival. Make or break product for Skoda just like Magnite was to Nissan..

  • Arjun

    Jeep had already disappointed with the pricing. Let's hope Skoda will be sensible enough

  • Janmejay Dalal
    Janmejay Dalal

    Pricing would be the key, pushing the price more than kia and hyundai would not generate enough volumes which skoda and Volkswagen are expecting . Why would someone buy a 20 plus lakhs petrol product when a diesel with an automatic on road in available for 20 lakhs tops

  • Akash Rana
    Akash Rana

    Hoping people will see this is a better product than what Hyundai/Kia offers and flock towards it. But still baffled by the fact Skoda/VW is pouring money developing Rapid/Vento replacements which is a shrinking segment and not focus their energies on sub-4m SUV instead.Another thing perhaps would be to bring Tiguan/Karoq lower variants into the market to provide more variety and a better spread of vehicles available for different prices.

  • Aakash Srivastav
    Aakash Srivastav

    If they can price 1.0 ltr turbo petrol at 7.99 lakhs ex showroom Provided that nissan launched 1.0 ltr turbo petrol at 6.99 lakhs. They can sell like hotcakes.

  • Raj Mota
    Raj Mota


  • K P2
    K P2

    I ll consider buying this car if they price it reasonably.

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh

    Waiting eagerly for the reveal.

  • Pawan M
    Pawan M

    This is made for India car .. Hope its crash safety ratings will be same as that other Skoda cars.

  • Charan Teja
    Charan Teja

    Nice & Informative video.. What is the Boot space of Kushaq and any feedback on rear seat leg space comfort compared to Creta or Seltos ?

  • Anurag Jain
    Anurag Jain

    They make brilliant cars, they just need to work on their maintenance ,spare costs and their service center's staff attitude. Once all done they could be on a road to recovery. I wish kushaq would have 4wd system.

  • Amogh Mahajan
    Amogh Mahajan

    Can't wait for the Kushaq

  • Mohit Kumar 1009
    Mohit Kumar 1009

    Auto Car❤️

  • Rohit Japagal
    Rohit Japagal

    Skoda should also bring premium hatchback. Baleno, i20, altroz and jazz should have a competition from more premium hatchbacks.

  • dpp#1


  • Rohit Bajpai
    Rohit Bajpai

    Please add diesel engine asap .....Look at creta and seltos diesel engines selling almost 50%....Diesel appeals to both performance and economy oriented mindsets.....


    Just watched jeep compass launch, I hope the kushaq top variant is priced less than jeep compass base variant .

  • Rishabh DA
    Rishabh DA


  • pritesh jain
    pritesh jain

    Want to buy this car

  • Natasha Bhimta
    Natasha Bhimta

    Hope this one drives like the other skoda's too.

  • Sharvari Chatterjee
    Sharvari Chatterjee

    First comment by the biggest fan of autocar India

  • Ashu Entertainment
    Ashu Entertainment

    I am really looking forward to the car. Hope it's fulfill our expectations.

  • rising

    Skoda great car

  • Angad Singh
    Angad Singh


  • pankaj uzir
    pankaj uzir

    Honda hrv is the best.

  • subir Banerjee
    subir Banerjee

    Will the Taigun launch before or after the Kushaq?

  • Sai Vishwa
    Sai Vishwa

    Eager to know more #SkodaIndia😍

  • Anand C Salim
    Anand C Salim

    If Skoda can price it below Creta/Seltos, no doubt India is gonna ride with VW Group.

  • Soma Sarkar
    Soma Sarkar

    What will be the new name of the vw sedan ?? which will replace vento

  • Sathish Rao
    Sathish Rao

    Hope it’ll be more price competitive than its rivals - It’ll stand a good chance of making a mark in its already crowded segment !

  • Long term tech Reviews
    Long term tech Reviews

    Waiting to know more about this car. Specially the price point.

  • siva kumar reddy Chevva
    siva kumar reddy Chevva

    1 st comment 😃

  • Sri Hari
    Sri Hari

    17th like



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