2021 Mahindra XUV300 petrol AMT review - Easy does it | First Drive | Autocar India
The Mahindra XUV300 is now available with a new petrol-AMT option. Cyrus Dhabhar tells you what it's like.
0:00 - Introduction
0:59 - Mahindra XUV300 dimensions and styling
1:31 - Mahindra XUV300 W8 interior
2:39 - Mahindra XUV300 petrol AMT performance
5:26 - Mahindra XUV300 ride and handling
5:43 - Mahindra XUV300 safety and features
6:07 - Mahindra XUV300 petrol AMT price and verdict
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  • Pritam Kaushik
    Pritam Kaushik

    Which one makes more sense, Maruti Brezza Automatic zxi+ at 12.9 lacs or Xuv300 AMT w8(o) at 13.9 lacs?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    The back is great, the engine is great but the front grill sucks!

  • Prashant Chaturvedi
    Prashant Chaturvedi

    why can't Mahindra just upgrade the dash asap? It looks outdated. They can put in DCT/CVT later..

  • Samiran Handique
    Samiran Handique

    Nobody talks about the high repair/maintenance costs of the dual clutch or torque converter etc. Whereas AMTs are d best


    Tata and mahindra lacks torque converter for diesel and dct for turbo Need to replace AMT Still using AMT due to cut costs of rs 75,000 against AMT but spoil brand image of both tata and mahindra Both tata and mahindra should introduce diesel mpv in the range of 10 - 20 lakh along with automatic transmission ( not AMT) with power range around 100 bhp having 6,7,or 8 seating capacity Future of car is with automatic but not with manual tata and mahindra lacks behind

  • pacific sword
    pacific sword

    AMT is a major letdown. Especially as they want to charge a premium for it without even offering a DCT or even TC gearbox. Lags behind the competitors to create one more area where it lags behind. Shame it’s a good car

  • Cool Rider25
    Cool Rider25

    I am an owner of xuv 300 diesel AMT, even with an AMT we would be able to play really well, the only one thing is that a little preplanning and little getting used to is required for the gear box, but even with this gear box the car engine will act accordingly and give you full satisfaction . Definitely a very convenient gear box plus the space inside the car is the best in the segment and no one talking about the suspension which is the most plush . I do agree that giving a DSG or a torque converter will still make this car better for new drivers or the ones who haven’t driven a amt before .

  • Manju Manju
    Manju Manju

    XUV 300 and NEXON these 2 car only top car for under 15 lack value of money...

  • Andy Singh
    Andy Singh

    Mahindra please bring this to Australia, they only have the Xuv 500 here but I'm sure this 300 will do well !

  • S P
    S P

    The spacious cabin but Still no rear seat ac... And the smallest boot comparable to hatchback makes it less desirable. If still they add up this in next version or facelift, can be considered over nexon.

  • Aashish Devgun
    Aashish Devgun

    Will the diesel AMT also get the same type shifter?

  • rahul krishna
    rahul krishna

    Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger blew away the segment

  • Sanjay M
    Sanjay M

    When they are going to update the interior? Shall we expect any updated version of this car is this year?

  • N B
    N B

    When mahindra bolero updated model will come.

  • Yashowardhan Mutalik
    Yashowardhan Mutalik

    Autocar Where is Hayabusa 2021..???? Most awaited review till date....

  • 5-Minute Daily
    5-Minute Daily

    Can anybody know that Blue sense PLUS in w8 optional Manual is there ??

  • anoopadv

    The shifter in this car looks like it is some aftermarket cheapo. The diesel model needs a torque converter. Also the truth is compared to new Brezza this dont feel good. Just one look at the AMT shifter, which does not give any well designed look. Well otherwise the car is good enough.well the center console is a letdown and looks like someone was placing lot of buttons here and there, Very difficult to use. The dual zone ac is unnecessary in any case and will become a costly repair, Would be better if one zone is in front and another in rear.. I think the AMT has some hill start assist, if yes that is a useful feature. The issue is the top model comes with a hole in the top (called sunroof or whatever). If there is an option of top model without this hole in the roof that would be better too

  • Anand Vamshi
    Anand Vamshi

    need auto car awards 2021

  • Kuldeep Kalonia
    Kuldeep Kalonia

    Sir, When xuv300 sports models comes ?


    Companies like Hyundai & Kia giving Torque Converter/Dual Clutch in this segment with similar pricing. And Mahindra is still offering AMT in 2021... WHAT A SHAME...!!! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Anshuman Bhattacharyya
    Anshuman Bhattacharyya

    The small boot is a big disadvantage.


    Best car

  • hardik kondar
    hardik kondar

    Vw taigun should place against this car😅

  • Snazees

    Competition is offering CVT, DCT & Torque Converter and here our home grown Nexon, XUV 300 that cost 10L+ comes with AMT...🙄

  • passion 2 drive
    passion 2 drive

    Great step Mahindra. Now the segment is complete.

  • Ninad Lohar
    Ninad Lohar

    why not add CVT or torque converter on such a good car... AMT really ?

  • sunny thakur
    sunny thakur

    Unpopular opinion - I will go with Maruti vitara brezza

  • Vigneshwaran Sridharan
    Vigneshwaran Sridharan

    Very nice new AMT technology. Its something which is innovative done by Mahindra tech. All the best Mahindra for your effort.

  • Noob Queen
    Noob Queen

    The back is too ugly. Almost all Indian cars..

  • Sahil Kalra
    Sahil Kalra

    Just give this a revised floating screen interior and a dct gearbox and see the sales figures fly

  • Ain'tMyself

    Dashboard looks straight out of 1990...it’s so bad.

  • voice5sur5

    How reliable is an AMT compared to a traditional Torque Converter ?

  • Anil Anupam Mohanty
    Anil Anupam Mohanty

    Where is the Torque Converter automatic option for XUV 300 ? Mahindra was planning for that i guess?


    That interior is not worth 13 Lakhs

  • Yash Cuncolcar
    Yash Cuncolcar

    I want to buy a Tata or Mahindra but they give AMT🤦‍♂️

  • AjAryA

    Only those who have driven xuv 300 know the performance and assuring safety it offers 🔥️🔥️🔥 #proud owner of xuv300

  • Shrinidhi G
    Shrinidhi G

    Such an old infotainment console design 😒

  • Torquebeast 650
    Torquebeast 650

    best car in the segment imo

  • Anurag Vishal R
    Anurag Vishal R

    Interior is more like ford ecosport. 😂😂

  • Santosh Varma
    Santosh Varma

    One more Smarter move from Mahindra with a Petrol AMT Hope they does add it in their smalles offering KUV 100 as well

  • Abinash Pal
    Abinash Pal

    Mahindra gives better touch screen than Tata.

  • chandra mouli
    chandra mouli

    12lakhs for AMT🙄🙄🙄

  • Abinash Pal
    Abinash Pal

    The front grill should be bigger & the tail lamps should be narrower.

  • Sandeep Kandiraju
    Sandeep Kandiraju

    Why AMT...why I say why ...for such a good car

  • Abinash Pal
    Abinash Pal

    The central console looks like that of 1st creta.

  • Ambar

    Dated interiors, awkward exterior

  • Krishna Bhargav Gopagoni
    Krishna Bhargav Gopagoni

    Why mahindra is still using amt while their competitors are giving dct,torque converter,imt

  • Dubster Entertainment Music
    Dubster Entertainment Music

    Love autocar

  • Ankur Sharma
    Ankur Sharma

    Mahindra should work on the central console design. Looks outdated🙁

  • Vinayak Aswale
    Vinayak Aswale

    Please review Nexon amt vs xuv300 amt😁😁

  • Manjit Baruah
    Manjit Baruah

    🤗🤗🤗 XUV 300 2021 is best

  • Nicks24

    Waiting for mstallion engines 🔥

  • Hemant Kumar Gurung
    Hemant Kumar Gurung

    everything is good except rare looks

  • R-GUDI Team Works
    R-GUDI Team Works

    Gd review

  • Keshav Rao
    Keshav Rao

    Waiting for this video

  • tHe b!ker
    tHe b!ker


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