Tunnel Vision: Atal Tunnel vs Rohtang Pass route ft. Audi Q8 & RS Q8 | Feature | Autocar India
The 9.02km long Atal Tunnel in Himachal Pradesh is the world's longest tunnel above 10,000 feet. How has the opening of the tunnel changed travel on the Leh-Manali highway? Rahul Kakar and Nikhil Bhatia set out in the Audi Q8 and Audi RS Q8 to contrast the spanking new route with the legendary old one that runs via the Rohtang Pass.
Special thanks to the Border Roads Organisation for making this video possible.
Camerapersons: Anand Malepu, Pravin Bhondve, Pradeep Bhondve
Drone operator: Parvez Ahmed
Producer & Editor: Pratik Tyagi
#AtalTunnel #Audi #BRO
Disclaimer: The video was shot with prior permissions. Abide by all rules.
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  • Autocar India
    Autocar India

    Take a quick tour of the Atal Tunnel in the super quick Audi RS Q8! ► inlabel.info/chat/eq2rrLKxuGRrZ3g/v.html

  • Devank Saxena
    Devank Saxena


  • KK Mahajan
    KK Mahajan

    Beautiful video... And so less views, we don't deserve this kind of brilliance

  • Abheet Jain
    Abheet Jain

    just fantastic,one of the best videos i ve seen on INlabel in 2021 so far👌👌💯💯🔥🔥great work team autocar

  • Inderjeet Singh
    Inderjeet Singh

    I have driven through the old route 2 years back. It was a stunning and frightening drive. First day when the road is opened in summers, walls of ice / snow on both sides, no bitumen only boulders for road surface, gushing waterfall through the road... exhilarating. And the drive / view once you are about 25 Kms from Sissu is something that one can only experience in person. No words can describe them.

  • OliveChap

    old route is awesome.. been there on my alto.. but still wanna do it in my seltos

  • Abhinav Singh Rathore
    Abhinav Singh Rathore

    I wish I could work with you guys someday 😌

  • rawsinc1

    Beautiful concept. Will try the route once for sure.



  • Da Legendary
    Da Legendary

    Reminds me of the good old top gear special(jeremy,hammond,james)...keep up the good work 👍

  • S Rawat
    S Rawat

    Any one can tell what is the background music after 15:20

  • Rajat Patel
    Rajat Patel

    Every car lovers dream to go through these routes in these luxiours dream cars. Half life lived😍

  • Avinash Reddy
    Avinash Reddy

    Great camera work!! hands down

  • you me
    you me

    One of the best from Autocar look at the way they choreograph everything and present and when you have nikhil with this its separates from others Well Done Autocar !!

    • Nikhil Bhatia
      Nikhil Bhatia

      Thank you so much! :-)

  • Dead pool
    Dead pool

    Rohtang pass should be improved made it available for tourists and also in remote places in Himalaya it always good to have 2 to reach one place in case of any emergencies

  • Work Travel & Chill
    Work Travel & Chill

    U guys have done wonderfull camera work...the descent from the rohtang summit to sissu was superbb 👍👍

  • Traveller Banker
    Traveller Banker

    Mesmerizing video. brilliantly shot

    • Nikhil Bhatia
      Nikhil Bhatia

      Thanks from the entire crew!

  • Giri Raman
    Giri Raman

    What's the music starting at 09:32? Good ensemble of background audio too I must say... a less obvious but another remarkable thing about this video.

  • Akshay Juneja
    Akshay Juneja

    Pleeeeease do this awesome cinematography in 4k!

  • Virendra singh Shekhawat
    Virendra singh Shekhawat

    Really great work 🙌🙌


    Commendable creativity done by whole team... Thanks for the sharing amezing experience with us...😊😊😍😍😍🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Kritartha Sarma
    Kritartha Sarma

    16:12 oh that pretty pretty thing❤️

    • Nikhil Bhatia
      Nikhil Bhatia

      Isn't it! :-)

  • lakshay dhingra
    lakshay dhingra

    No goodbye we will always choose Rohtang pass above atal tunnel just to discover the nature ❤️ it has no other option Rohtang pass is Rohtang pass ❤️

  • Uttej Vamsi
    Uttej Vamsi

    I just want to join autocar seriously

  • SchoolDays

    what was the difference in time ? approx

  • vignesh kendan
    vignesh kendan

    Can I go in April?

  • Jacob Joseph
    Jacob Joseph

    Beautiful short movie ....scenic and exciting.

  • Rama Krishna
    Rama Krishna

    One of the most satisfying video I've ever seen. Thank you Autocar for the beautiful memories 🙂

  • Arnab Arya
    Arnab Arya


  • vinay krishna
    vinay krishna

    The cameraman made me dive deep into the video and i actually felt like I'm also inside the video ❤️

  • Rupesh Chaudhary
    Rupesh Chaudhary

    Himachal Pradesh ❤️ If u go to Delhi Mumbai u find dirt nd pollution If go to hill station u find Heaven, Calm environment

  • Nandan Pavithran
    Nandan Pavithran

    Wow amazing!

  • Pranasik Chatterjee
    Pranasik Chatterjee

    Enjoyed it a lottt..💫 Rohtang Pass is now on the bucket list. 💓

  • coolaks120188

    Does anyone know the music in the beginning?

  • Sahaj R Kumar
    Sahaj R Kumar

    One of the best videos of Autocar. Superb cinematography and great narration. This is some quality auto journalism. At par or probably better in some ways from international auto journalism. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 kudos

    • Nikhil Bhatia
      Nikhil Bhatia

      High praise! Thank you! :-)

  • Vineeth Chand
    Vineeth Chand

    It's like NFS circuits.... What a picturesque routes👌

  • Sagnik Deb Sarkar
    Sagnik Deb Sarkar

    Roads have improved so munch now...

  • Anirudh Mallikarjun
    Anirudh Mallikarjun

    Hats off to our army engineering teams .

  • Shubham Dhurwe
    Shubham Dhurwe

    Feels kinda NFS The Run!

  • Naman Verma
    Naman Verma

    How do you shoot Autocar?? Can you tell in a video. It's just marvelous

    • Nikhil Bhatia
      Nikhil Bhatia

      Some day, some day...:-)

  • Arpan

    The decent from Rohtang was stunning

  • Manu R Shetty
    Manu R Shetty

    Superb cinematics ❤️

  • Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur

    I feel sad for the pass! It helped in maintaining pristineness of Lahaul! Now it's easier to exploit the valley

  • Sushen Bhatt
    Sushen Bhatt

    By far the best quality video from Autocar.

  • FUNKYard

    Something new to watch

  • Sohaim Khanzadah
    Sohaim Khanzadah

    But still, I would go through Rohtang Pass when visiting Ladakh cuz I haven't been there yet

  • Arjun Badlani
    Arjun Badlani


  • Being Solo
    Being Solo

    worth watching this video 👍

  • Akash Dobhal
    Akash Dobhal

    Best job in the world

  • Anand Pratap Singh Parihar
    Anand Pratap Singh Parihar

    good work Team :)

  • Sreesat Subhankar Ray
    Sreesat Subhankar Ray

    The video is a masterpiece 🖤

  • Chetanya Thakur
    Chetanya Thakur

    editing ......very nice.

  • Vishnu

    The best Autocar video ever! Awesome Guys!!!

  • Sagar Roy
    Sagar Roy

    I just love journeys like this

  • Sagar Roy
    Sagar Roy

    Amazing video

  • MotorExplore

    Amazing video @autocar india 👏👏🏁

  • srini tumuluru
    srini tumuluru

    Absolutely amazing camera work, sound mixing, script 👏👏.. Enjoyed it watching

  • akshay mange
    akshay mange

    It would be better if you made comparison between cars too and that too between rsq8 and urus.

  • Charan Kuntapally
    Charan Kuntapally

    Great work , extraordinary video


    0:08 - 1:17 Just Superb ... Pls give the music link It seems like watching a movie 🥀 WoW cinematography

  • aadityaa elanchezhian
    aadityaa elanchezhian

    Just one word...PHENOMENAL!!!

  • Anil kumar
    Anil kumar

    This video reminded my ladakh trip, fantastic visuals👏👏👏, great job Autocar

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh

    Already got immersed into it, felt like watching a cinema.

  • North Remembers
    North Remembers

    beautiful view and really liked the river side area which is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • North Remembers
    North Remembers

    we should keep these places clean and plastic free cause these valleys are important for Indias Population and glacier provides water which is very clean

  • North Remembers
    North Remembers

    the view is really great broooo

  • Nimi Vlogs
    Nimi Vlogs

    Superb camera work the shots are Excellent love it 😃😊

  • Manish Sarser
    Manish Sarser

    Good stuff guys. Captured beautifully!

  • Wind 01
    Wind 01

    Every car guy's wet dream!

  • Yash Sheth
    Yash Sheth

    I lived the Rothang pass and Manali Virtually ❤️😍🤩

  • parthasarathy Venkatadri
    parthasarathy Venkatadri

    Once the other tunnels come up its going to be so much more easier to get to leh

  • Nandan Mukhare
    Nandan Mukhare

    Excellent. Splendid views.

  • Dr Ahesan Shaikh
    Dr Ahesan Shaikh

    Which drone you guys are using ?

  • Divij Bagga
    Divij Bagga


  • Adarsh palegar
    Adarsh palegar

    Thats just spectacular ❤️❤️

  • Amol Kulange
    Amol Kulange

    I want to know camera crews car

  • Prathamesh Nair
    Prathamesh Nair

    Supperb, ultimate, matching powerdrift! Fast and furious

  • Vivek Rai
    Vivek Rai

    Proud to be a #bro kid

  • Urval Mistry
    Urval Mistry

    Those drone shots! Incredible shots and extremely difficult to shoot that too at such frequent intervals. Great effort for the content and thankyou for providing the scenic experience at just our digital screens. Appreciate all the hard work went into the making of this content!

  • Parth Garg
    Parth Garg

    Great work team!

  • Subhojit Mondal
    Subhojit Mondal

    13:38 beauty! 😍

  • Varun

    Rest of the world should beg to us for a beautiful scenic route like this. & What an amazing work by the Autocar crew! Loved the presentation ❤👍

  • Pratim Rabha
    Pratim Rabha

    I want to see behind the scenes 🙏

    • Nikhil Bhatia
      Nikhil Bhatia

      Some day ;-)

  • sangeet sharma
    sangeet sharma


  • ராம Krishnan
    ராம Krishnan


  • KingRohan Halloffame
    KingRohan Halloffame

    Cars, cinematography, road's,nature ❤️😍 Autocar what a video 🎉📸

  • Hari Haran
    Hari Haran

    No tourist in their right mind should go to atal tunnel instead of the rhotang pass.

  • Mandar Suryawanshi
    Mandar Suryawanshi

    Amazing work guys😍

  • Harsh Dedhia
    Harsh Dedhia

    Awesome vlog... one of the best from Autocar...!!! 👍🏻👌🏻

  • Chahil Hansa
    Chahil Hansa

    Omg how much the hardwork your camera man team has done hats off

  • Ismail


  • Ain'tMyself

    Beautiful video.

  • vivek goldsmith
    vivek goldsmith

    A perfect presentataion..

  • Struck boy
    Struck boy

    I feel so bad for Nikhil😂

    • Nikhil Bhatia
      Nikhil Bhatia

      Y tho?

  • Laxmikant Birajdar
    Laxmikant Birajdar

    It was awesome, ultimate

  • savari giri giri
    savari giri giri

    Thanks to DSI underground for making the tunnel


    Kudos to you guys. Video is more of a short film rather than usual Autocar India stuff. Looks like you guys have a director with you to direct it. Superbly photographed and perfectly edited. I want to experience both routes whenever I get a chance.

  • Shantanu

    You gotta start uploading these videos 4K/HDR.. What a camerawork you guys have done😍💯

  • Suraj Kapur
    Suraj Kapur

    I seriously envy the drivers. Hello Autocar, need any driver/car enthusiast for your shoots. 😍

  • The ARUN
    The ARUN

    Awesome review, the hosts were absolutely brilliant, the future of AutoCar India is in great hands. Weaving the AUDI into the story was absolutely fabulous. Everybody on the planet has to see this video at least once, its that awesome

    • Nikhil Bhatia
      Nikhil Bhatia

      Woah! Thank you! Do your bit and share it with friends and family! :-)

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